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    Would the below set up work well for venting and removing smell from a 4x2x6 tent with up to 4 plants at any time.Also, is it ok to just use it to vent out of the tent to get new air? I'm not venting outside.
    Anyone have experience with the noise? Fan speed controller needed?

  2. I have the same size tent with the same size filter and fan but different brands . Works great. I have a speed controller and you'll want one not only for the noise but so you can control the air flow, to help control temps and humidity. On full force it can almost suck the sides completely in, which you don't want but its nice to have in case of heat emergencies or if I decide to ever use it in a larger tent.
  3. Haha, ok.... Don't skip on the fan controller. Ordering now.
  4. Ideal for the job...

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