Carbon filter absolutely needed?

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  1. Greetings!

    Is a carbon scrubber needed for 2 white rhinos grown in rubbermaids?
    [if a carbon scrubber is impractical, will 3 WR Plants do?]

    i read somewhere that carbon scrubbers are only used for sativa like plants and for several plants.

    is it practical?

    heres my setup plan for meh closet.

    also im afraid the lights might cause a fire/meltdown. Will mylar and a fan directly blowing on the lights reduce the heat and prevent a fire/meltdown?
  2. i grew forabout a year without one and let me tell you.... the second half of flower especially your plants are going to stinkkkkk. Esp when temps are above 80 in my experiences the aroma get way way stronger.

    What type of lighting are you using an how big is said closet?
  3. A carbon filter isn't necessary, if you don't mind the smell/depending on the strain. I have two AUH#1's going in flower right now, and me and my roomate kinda like the smell it gives to the down stairs. Its not exactly skunky, its planty? Green, I dunno, it smells good! lol. A carbon filter is necessary if your venting to the outside, have a lot of plants, or are trying to be stealthy. I use a simple DIY one that I have to switch out the carbon every couple weeks to work.

    As for fires/lights, all depends on heat. What type of lights are you using? CFL's give off almost no heat.
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    The setup usesCFLs

    Rubbermaid Hinged Top Tote, 114 L | Canadian Tire
    Rubbermaid Roughneck Tote, 68.1 L | Canadian Tire

    one of the 2.AND A SMALLER ONE TO FIT the carbon filter
  5. unless you have more then 200 actual watts of CFL the heat shouldnt be enough to build up as long as you have your air movin n some fresh air can get in.
  6. Speaking from experience of growing white rhino, I will tell you they are some stinky bitches. The stinkiest I have ever grown. But its really really good bud. Just get an inline fan and a phresh filter or something. Get a name brand filter or it wont work and you will regret going cheap. You could get both for around $180 usd.

  7. I picked out a carbon scrubber from Foothill Filters on ebay. got the 6x14 scrubber. Which i believe should be a decent scrubber no?

    6 x 14 ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER ODOR SCRUBBER 130 CFM on (item 380215181572 end time 10-Oct-10 08:18:44 EDT)
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    ah so then heat shouldnt be a problem if i got the fans cooling it down.
  9. I roll without a filter.

    I use copious amounts of ONA gel (1 jar to 2 - 3 plants) and my grow space is secluded, smell is hardly noticeable even when in the room.

  10. Oooh, where would one purchase ONA gel? Would it be at the local Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Or Rona?
  11. ONA ROCKS!!!! Go online, hydro store, some specialty household good stores. There are numerous brands out there but anything other than ONA will require extra containers [not as strong]
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    I have that filter. It was the first one I bought. I used it in a 10x11 room and it worked ok I guess. You could certainly tell a huge difference between having it off and on. But you will still have a slight smell in the actual grow room. Really what you gotta do to have 0 smell is to have a tent with a filter/inline fan combo. The fan creates a negative pressure in the tent, trapping all smell in the tent until it get sucked out through the filter. The foothill filter wont do that for your room unless its air tight. I now roll with a 4" x 20" mountain air filter with a 200cfm tjernlund inline fan in a DR80 tent. Absolutely 0 smell.

  13. OH thats awesome. well The space used is quite sealed and compact. The Carbon Scrubber is on top of the 2 67L rubbermaids in its own box.

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