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  1. I have a plant in it's second week of growth in a top drip 1 1/2 gallon bubblebucket I made from the biggest plastic coffee container I could find.(cfl grow. nuts LiquidEarth vigor, grow, bloom) Got the idea from YOUTUBE. I don't remeber what the title of it was. Because the nutrient solution is being recirculated constantly, what is the best carb supliment for me to use? I bought Strapped from Botanicare, but now I'm thinking about returning it cause I read that you shouldn't use this particular brand for my set up because it's recirculating. Any advice that could steer me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Learn to grow before you waste money on addatives and supps. Best advice ever.
    Nothing sucks worse than investing in a ton of crap to blow your shit up in a good way only to get 1/4 the harvest.
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    From one grower to another, I asked a specific question. You tell me some bull. Is that the
    answer you would want? I don't need your wiseguy answer. The liquid earth fert's are from my last successful grow and WTF dude, you should change your name to ass of asses!
  4. Obviously no one else cares to help you because they don't answere stupid q's. I should learn from their example.
    Hell if I didn't post anything this thread would have sank faster than it did.
    Learn to take advice and critisism its only ment to help.

    My advice will be the same as everyones. If you are doing cfls and coffee can buckets (not to say that won't work) but you obviously are just starting and need to get the basics down first.
    I only do this to save you hundreds of dollars on stuff.
  5. Plus you said "any advice to steer me in the right direction" as far as what you bought return it and save up for a hid.
    Looking for nute additives when your setup is incomplete is irresponsable, irrational and just plain assinine.
  6. first off hes right you should concentrate on bringing the plant to the end not to its fullest potential and you would be fine to use the strapped for the last few weeks of flower just change rez more often and u might find that it will foam. plus a lot of additives are either bull or have pgrs in them and if u use them at the wrong time mainly close to harvest you will have poisoned weed. hes not trying to be the king of asses hes trying to save you a headache.

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