carb on bubbler too small?

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  1. So i got a bubbler a couple weeks ago and i think the carb might not be big enough cuz the bowl still stays lit after i let go of it i had pipes before and they never did this what should i do?
  2. Carbs don't extinguish bowls. Carbs only create a different air flow which allows you to suck the smoke in faster. Nothing for you to do other than realize things are working properly.
  3. The function of a carb is not what you think it is. The size of the carb is good as long as you can clear the chamber when you take your finger off the carb. See this image: [​IMG]
    While you're lighting the bowl, put your finger over the carb. As the chamber begins to fill up let go of the hole and it should clear the smoke inside. However, it does not make the bowl go out. It will stay lit until you stop smoking it.
  4. OP, I think that your 'previous pipes' may have been specially designed to do that or something, because with all the bubblers with carbs that I've smoked, taking my finger off the carb didn't extinguish the bowl after hitting it. Maybe just try "siding" the bowl or lighting only the corner of it so the whole thing doesn't catch on fire in 2 seconds. (torching it) :RoorRip:

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