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Carb-less pipe?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by AfroKid, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I just recently broke my last glass pipe, and i found this pipe in my garage that doesn't have a carb. Will there be any drastic difference in the high? I'm guessing that it will just be harder for me to get all the smoke out, but i've honestly never seen a pipe like this before so i'm wondering.
  2. if it's small enough, then it's fine. tons of pipes don't come with carbs including chillums.
  3. I smoke out of an old meerschaum pipe that has no carb on special ocassions. It has a very deep bowl and you can fit an entire 1/8 in there if you grind it a lot
  4. You're only going to get 1/3 to 1/2 as high... if you're lucky
  5. how does math come into this? i hope youre joking cause thats utter bs

    if ya let the smoke come out through the bowl you will lose it and the cannabinoids it contains.
    ya just gotta smoke the pipe right, learn how to "chief" the bowl. use your light or finger and cover the bowl (most of it not the whole thing) when you inhale open it up (lift your finger/lighter), lower it - lift it-lower it- lift it. like when ya make a indian yell tapping your hand on your mouth.

    everyone should know how to chief a bowl, if youre toking with ppl that can ya only need to light the bowl once or maybe a couple times. even if it is a bowl with a carb ya can chief it with the carb instead of the bowl and it gets the cherry roaring again.
  6. wait you just randomly found a pipe in your garage? what was it doing in there without you knowing about it?
  7. yes, it will probably make you hallucinate:hippie:

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