Carb Hole on A Bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by itiswhatitis, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. hey iam looking to buy a new bong and i found one that i want to buy but it has a carb hole on it. Does this mean that there is no slide and it works like a bowl? Sorry if this is in the wrong section iam just really confused, any help would be great.
  2. That's exactly what it means
  3. depends on the tube. There will more than likely be a removable bowl or some sort. My hurricane for instance has a GonG DS and AC and bowl, but it has a carb hole on it. you can plug it up with a cork and pull the bowl like a regular 3 piece set up if u want. Personally I would say don't get a tube with a carb. doesnt hit the same, and n00bs spill bong water all over ur carpet every time.
  4. thanks a lot KA i really appreciate the quick response, thanks again.
  5. yea it does.

    pros of a carb are that u dont have to worry about breaking ur slide and/or downstem when clearing, they are usually less expensive, and dont have to worry abbout keeping it air tight with a rubber or glass seal

    cons of a carb are that u have to put a finger over a hole the whole time and when u clear it, u cant clear fast or you will draw in more smoke instead of air, and some ppl say its harder to clean because u cant take the bong apart
  6. I wouldn't get one. The removable bowl is far more efficient.

    The problem is when you open the hole to clear-

    1) The super dense smoke doesn't clear from the downstem.

    2) Your whole downstem fills back up with water and forces smoke to "puff" through the bowl. This wastes that super dense smoke AND burns up your herb on the way up.

    It doesn't seem like lots of lost smoke, but over time it adds up since bud is so expensive. I'm an engineer stoner and I save every puff :smoke:

    Bubblers usually have a hole but it is not as noticeable since bubbler downstems are tiny.
  7. Old days all we had was carb holes. I still like them and no smoke loss if you use it right and most don't know how to use one right. I'm 59 and have been consuming cannabis for a long time

  8. OP is 9 years old man
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  9. I have one with a carb and a slide but my go to just has the slide. Now that I got used to the slide I like that method better.
  10. how old are you?

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