Caramelo + Lemon Skunk 12/12 from seed

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  1. This is 2nd grow and am hoping to grow one feminized Caramelo from delicious seeds and one feminized Lemon Skunk from greenhouse seeds.

    I'm going 12/12 from seed with this one.

    Starting with a mixed spectrum of lighting until they show signs of flowering then will switch to all 2700k CFLs.

    Grown in Bio Bizz All Mix soil
    Bio Bizz Grow and Bio Bizz Bloom for nutes...

    Lighting consists of

    90w triband LED UFO
    2 x 65w 2700k CFLs
    2 x 25w 2700k CFLS
    2 x 45w 6400k CFLs

    Air circulation is sorted with 12" oscillating fan and Ventialtion is taken care of with 4" inline exhaust fan.

    Any comments ,suggestions or criticisms welcome.

    Welcome to my 2nd grow!

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  2. nice man! whats that your growing in? looks like the top of a grow tent or idk how to explain it, its cool tho yo, anyways hell yeah man cant wait to see the outcome, ive alway been curious about 12/12 from seed! if you have time you should check out my new box updates, any input is welcomed

    crit- about the cfl, is there any way you could mouth then horizontally? ive been told that most of the light is emitted from the "sides" so you could make increas the useful light by doing such, idk just an idea. i had some like that and then put em sideways and its a noticable diff.

  3. Did you put a grow tent on it's side?
  4. Hey guys thanks for the interest.

    You got it bullistic, its turned on its side just made it easier me seen as its taller then it was wide and actually what i need is width and not headroom for this grow.

    Hey Chrismittty thanks for the rep+ man, will check out your thread man thanks for the advice on horizontal mounting.
    I already have that one covered the light hangers have clips on then so can mount them any which way from the top of my tent (well the side lol). i just have them hanging now to get them closer to the light closer to the plant until it grows up and out.

    plus i have the added disadvantage of having the LED ufo being in the way, but that is coming out when they start to flower so I'll mount the 2 65w cfls horizontally when that has gone.

    hoping all that made sense i'm smoking some really fucking good cheese right now so am half comatosed.

    Happy growing people..

    stay tuned for seed sproutage...
  5. Hell yeah man nice, sounds like youve got shit figured out, cant wait to watch this shit progress. never watched an LED grow before!
  6. Update

    Seeds have popped up above the surface the lemon skunk seed hasn't detached itself yet but guessing it'll come off when it's ready.

    I've put the tent back upright as it is meant to be as I was having difficulties controlling the heat as it was.

    Again any suggestions, comments or criticisms are welcome.

    I'll report back when we have a second set of leaves.

    Happy growing.
  7. Dammit,

    so i woke up this morning and the seed shell has come off of the lemon skunk but has taken the first set of leaves with it... I'm left with just a stem any one think this will still grow?

    Having problems uploading pics with both my pc and iphone 4 so cant take any photos at the moment but at current the stem is about half inch long and green. should i throw it or wait and see?

    thanks guys
  8. Update.

    Ok so the lemon skunk is now dead, so have now started germinating some big bud#1 seeds there were only two of them and both were regulars so hopefully one of the two will be female.

    But the Caramelo seems to be doing its thing and is quite happy, although I'm having to mist a lot to raise humidity as at current it's only hitting about 27%.

    Will update again when I have the big bud seeds germed.

    Any suggestions comments or criticisms again are all welcome.
    Happy growing folks!

    I've also another light to add to the family. I've been given another 90 watt LED UFO to use.

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  9. Looking forward to watching the Caramelo. Been checking that one out on Attitude and it looks delicious.
  10. the caramelos been great for me so far man. smells like fruity pebbles and is starting to fill out pretty damn nice, check my grow out and ill try my best to lend a hand when i can :smoke::smoke:
  11. [quote name='"SAE1856"']the caramelos been great for me so far man. smells like fruity pebbles and is starting to fill out pretty damn nice, check my grow out and ill try my best to lend a hand when i can :smoke::smoke:[/quote]

    Excellent thanks man! All the help I can get is appreciated!

    Will endeavor to check out you grow. Thanks for the interest dude. Happy growing! :)
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    Update starting new grow journal as too much has changed in this grow now.

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