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  1. I'm looking to learn to drive manual. I want a vehicle that's reliable and relatively safe. I have $5,000-$15,000. I'm planning on trading in my 05 Audi A4 due to electrical problems and the cost of the repairs isn't worth it to me. I'd kind of like to get a vehicle that isn't going to have a clusterfuck of problems like my Audi, here.

    I was browsing online and found a '87 Corvette convertible w/ 30k miles for ~$10,000. Would that be a good vehicle to learn manual? I've also found a few 2010-2011 Mazda3's.

    So GC, what should I get?
  2. Absolutely do not get the corvette. I can't speak for mazda's, but you want a super reliable car that you won't have to mess with? Get a Honda.
  3. Great, thanks for the advice. I'd like to learn more about mazda, but I'll check out honda vehicles.

    Is there a specific model or year that you prefer over others?
  4. Honda civic
    I love mine
  5. Also have a civic.

    Very reliable car.

    I have the 6 speed, not quick by any means but is nimble and motor shoots to 8000 RPMs.

    I avoid VW (Audi), Mazda, and domestic cars.
  6. Yeah dont get the corvette..but a mazdaspeed 3 or 6 would be sweet...maybe a honda?
  7. also what are you looking for fwd rwd?
  8. Assuming rear... grab a 3 series bimmer.
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    I had a manual 2001 four door civic, but honestly, any model/year would be great. I believe they redesigned the body for both the civic and accord in 2005 or 2006. Really cool little cars IMO, and again, extremely, extremely reliable.
  10. Yea I'm the proud owner of an 01 civic no problems thus far. I've done all the regular work on it and I'm about to hit 260k miles :D there crazy reliable little cars. But I also love my Volkswagen which is pretty reliable as well but the civic is the winner haha
  11. If u want a fun ride, grab yourself a 350z.
    If u want a daily driver with room for passengers, v-dub. Its affordable german tech : )
  12. Get whatever grabs your eye. You have to like the car. Learning to drive standard is simple. I learned teaching myself in an evening. I mastered it within a couple days to a week after that. Just be patient with yourself, and STAY CALM. I remember my first time driving in traffic, at a stop light. I panic'd and stalled. It got me sooo nervous haha. Don't try to rush yourself when there are cars behind you. Take your time, and you'll do just fine haha.
  13. I would suggest a Honda to learn stick. I bought my rsx at the dealer an that day I learned stick. Took 30 minutes and I headed back home. Also it's a reliable car...
  14. Def Honda, they get good mileage, parts are cheap and resale value stays high....
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    I learned stick for the first time this summer myself. At first I started out with a mini Cooper and burned the clutch a bit.
    Terrible low end torque on that car. Yuck

    I got behind an Acura RSX and loved it. The clutch is much more forgiving and it has great low end torque and low end grunt. Which means you can be at lower speeds in higher gears I think.

    I've accidentally started out in 2nd gear ad didn't realize it till I went to shift.

    RSX is my vote

    Edit: a good tip I learned for getting the feel for your clutch is to go to a flat and level area to drive and try to go from a dead stop to a slow roll at only idle RPMs. ie only the clutch no gas. You'll stall a few times but it can help a lot

  16. honda low end torque? lol wut?

    and im not hating on honda i love them but still...
  17. An Rsx isn't fast for a performance car, but compared to a stock mini copper it is. Fast is all relative. Compared to my dads civic, our crown Vic is fast. Now compared to my friends mustang it's sloow.
  18. [quote name='"BlazeLE"']

    honda low end torque? lol wut?

    and im not hating on honda i love them but still...[/quote]

    Well at least better than a Mini Coop lol
  19. Nissan maxima, 2008 and up

  20. well its built for corners not straight line speed. the DC5 is considered the best handling FWD car ever built. and with the right mods it will be a track beast.

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