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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by DutchX8, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Everyone here has a car, it would be really nice to have someplace to talk about them. Maybe a sub-forum of Science & Nature?
  2. I think someone else suggested this the other day. Let me do some searches throughout the forum and see if there's a real need for it. We'll be doing some more reorganization soon ( :waits for the freak out: ) and if there's need for it, we'll throw it in. Thanks. :)
  3. if people freak out over having to click a little bit more.

    They dont belong here loool.
  4. Yes, go on, give us a Car Talk subforum so I can be even more sad about there being no musicians subforum -.-

    I don't have a car FTR, but I'd still potentially use the Car Talk subforum.
  5. The musician thing is still on the list, dude. :)
  6. I know I know :D

    I just couldn't help myself from making the comment :cool:
  7. unless they have a 56k modem still :wave:. Seriously, broadband = one of the greatest inventions ever.
  8. Bump... we could really use this.

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