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  1. im looking for a amp and subs for my car which is a 95 concord any links or advise for a good system would be appricated thanks
  2. nush should help you out. he knows what he is talking about
  3. whats your budget?

    And do you want?
    sq(sound quality), how well it blends, anything from deep bass lines of 25 hrtz to quick kick drums in metallica. confined to inside the car.
    spl(sound pressure level), how loud it hurts, HIGH decibles, ive had single subwoofer systems that hit 150 dbs+, it will take your hearing away in a matter of seconds sitting in the car. It can be LOUD, and cheap too if u do it right. with spl, the car behind you will hear your music as loud as his own on the same volume.
    sql(mixture) just a mix, more spl than needed, but it still sounds, pretty decent...the bass will let other cars know your coming, but you can sitll comfortably sit in your car without loosing hearing, lol, but a good ear can hear defects.
  4. what would you recommend for under $250, i was thinking of just going to the fleamartket and just buying some stolen ones
  5. under 250 for what? theres alot to think about

    head unit
    sound dampening
  6. what do you think of a 13w7 on a jl 1000/1? have no clue what I wanna do as far as interior speakers though. I'm looking to bump hard as hell.
  7. I would love something like that.. can you recommend subs like that that can blend well with the music? Is there such a thing? I have a friend who recently got a 10 inch sub but it sounds like shit and overpowers the music.

    What's you're recommendation for a 4 speaker/ 1 10-inch sub setup for about $500? Thanks in advance to nush or anyone that replies :D
  8. I'm new to sound systems; can you post a link or explain what all those devices do? (besides subs and speakers) Sound dampening in particular plz lol
  9. blunttttsmoker-JL is overpriced/not as good quality as people think. I would look into other things, that system goes for 1500+ for JUST the sub and amp, sub is 400-500, amp is 600-700, box is 100-200, wiring is alot, aand the jl1000/1 has a 139 AMPERE draw from your alternator which means upgrade to wiring, battery, and alternator which is another grand or so. u can do soooo much better for the money. i would do my best to pursuade you to go otherwhere with your system.

    ovni - the best buy link didnt work.

    4action- where i learned my beginning car audio( extremely hard to read, take ur time.

    also with the terms

    Headunit-source player, cd player, where all the sounds come from lol.
    wiring-RCA's, remote, power, speaker cables, and ground.
    box, ported, sealed, bandpass
    sound dampening-makes all the rattles go away, holds the sold IN the car and lets sq and spl be increased, to do a whole car in sound dampening is only 2-300 bucks, BUT is VERY VERY time consuming.
  10. nush im just looking for a rather small system for around 450 dollars could you give me some links as what to buy i would really appricate it just something around the lines of 1000watt peak i would say
  11. ok, id get. uhhhh....hmmm.....

    i need to check prices, hold on
  12. awsome thanks
  13. nah dude, FUCK crutchfield, thats a shitty company, with shitty prices and rip offs.

    go to call the warehouse, order an RE audio SE 12, its 169 dollers, shipped to your door. get it in DVC 4 ohms

    then find an amp thats 600 watts rms at 2 ohms, and wire it to that sub.

    ull be GREAT to go man, and will be under 450, id reccomend like, a JBL or Kicker amp, a 1200.1 would be good. but a little over priced. But i mean, MTX will do, i guess. but sony is a pos so dont buy that, just idk, that sub is hard to make sound bad, just get it its real power, if u go with a shitty brand, maybe give it 700 watts. a hifonics bx1500d is 200 dollers brand new at and its 1500 watts rms at 1 ohm, and 750 at 2 ohms, it will do the job very well and effeciently, id reccomend that

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