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car smells like wait for it...weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by StateofReverie, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. I was hotboxing my car a couple days ago and then my dad drove my car today. Smelled like weed, not very happy, etc etc etc.

    How do you get the smell out/cover up after toking in the car?
  2. what i usually do is smoke when i got somewhere far. I would drive for like 45 minutes with the windows wide open.

    But really a Pine cone freshner always works.
  3. Spray something, drive with the windows down, just don't smoke in it if other people drive your car. Or maybe say you left some food in there and it's not weed at all lol.
  4. FEBREEZE! Both the Air effects spray cans and the fabric spray for your seats. I smoked in my car for years when I lived at home and you'd never know... I recommend blowing your smoke out the window though during sessions and drive for a good while after to air it out. Then spray the inside and seats with febreeze before you put your car away for the night.
  5. lol blowing it out the window defeats the purpose of hotboxing..

    best bet is new air fresheners and some sort of a spray..i have like 3 cans of different freshening spray in my truck aswell as a huge stock of Lilac tree air fresheners.. :D
  6. I can get this shit at wal mart right?
  7. Best bet is ozium! Shit works wonders
  8. I drive with the windows down but it's hard to be discrete that way of a cop smells it...
  9. Get yourself some Ozium, in my opinion it is the best spray on the market. One or two quick sprays and you're good to go.
  10. Just leave some bleu cheese under the seat.
  11. an old fish also works like a charm
  12. driving with the windows down for like 30/40 mins always worked for me ;)
  13. In high school i had an electronics class (one which we smoked in) and i did this kids homework for 1$ an assignment. We forgot to lock our locker in the class and my friend who had the class at an earlier time put sardines in our locker. Week later after break we the find the shit and got paid by him for all the homework i didn't do.
  14. buy a fresh can of coffee.
    open the coffee can and leave it open in the car every night.
    every morning when you get in the car, put the lid on the coffee and throw it in the back....
  15. U realize hot boxing doesn't get u higher its just the novelty of doing it, and I imagine the novelty isn't worth it if u are worried about being caught
  16. Febreeze! Gets the smell outta my beamers leather and carpet, juss don't spill bong water in your car aha, that is a big time smell.
  17. Leave coffee in your car (coffee beans, ground coffee, etc.) but make sure its exposed to the air obviously
  18. Find a dead skunk on your way home (it's usually easy out in the suburbs).. and then put it somewhere in the backseat. If your parents ask, tell them that while you wanted to get some fresh air, you decided to roll down the windows, and then the skunk jumped in and you started fighting with it. You just forgot to get rid of it. Needless to say, you did beat the shit out of it.
  19. when ur done smoking blast the AC and roll the windows down.
  20. Drive with your windows down, febreeze helps a little but your best bet would probably to get some Ozium. Make sure to get out of the car and spray it,in don't use to much and try not to be breathing it in it's probably not the best thing for you. I personally just drive with the windows down but that doesn't work well.

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