Car Rap Music/Chill Rap Music

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Dreeker, Aug 6, 2003.

  1. I Need Maybe 5-7 Tracks of Each

    So Far, i Havent Looked Trhough My Collection, But Fro Chill Rap Music, i got Thugz Mansion By 2Pac and Nas. Im Looking For These kind Of Songs. Low Bass Line, Some Accoustic. Not Alot Of Thumping.

    Then Car music, Is Music That u can Listen To in car
  2. snoop dogg - buck em, pimp ass song, snoop - gin & juice, Scarface ft. 2pac - smile, tyt song, Snoop & Dre - Ring, ding, dong, 50 cent - in da hood, DMX - go to sleep, thats sum bumpin shit
  3. ice cube-ameriKKKa's most wanted
    ice cube-rollin' wit the lench mob
    a lot of dre's stuff is like that. well almost all of it is.
    dr. dre-keep their heads ringin
  4. styles_P, tooshort, D-block, Nas, jedi mind tricks, swizzbeats n mo
  5. Def gotta bump Talib Kweli "Put it in the air"
  6. eminem has a remake of tupac's hail mary. it's pretty good. you like tech n9ne? he's prolly my favorite. "keep on keepin on" is a good bumpin one. psycho bitch is cool. also by tech n9ne, get this song even if you don't burn it I like it a lot. it beats and it's mellow. "worst enemy"
  7. long beach dub allstars - life goes on
  8. gotta love the LBDA. They're mostly reggae and dub which is great for chilling, not exactly rap, but they throw down some good rhymes. And I don't think I have life goes on. *opens kazaa*

  9. Yeah he's wkd my fav tunez of his are Keep iT Gangsta, Sureno Thugs and Mexican Gangsta TUNEZ!!!
  10. i've been listenin to mos def and talib quali a lot well as the roots..its good chill rap..good to smoke to and shit :)

  11. yeah the roots are good to chill too

    check out deltron 303o good cd!

    and the Wu is good for the car anytime
  12. To give you some good car music that rap I would recommend some NYC flavor. Lately, Ive been smoking and Listening to Masta Ace's "A Long Hot Summer", great album, jsut raps about the fun things in life. Check it out.


    Good songs such as, "Brooklyn Marsala", "Good Ol Love" His other albums are great as well, this is a definable for the end of the summer to.
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    Cunninlynguists - be free, what they playing?, Time, Thugged out since cub scouts.
    Suga Free - Doe Doe and a skunk
    Sick Jacken/Immortal Technique - CIA Murder me
    Immortal Technique/Diabolical
    Krazie Bone - Sweet Jane & the reefa
    Mobb Deep - survival of the fittest
    GZA- hip hop fury

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