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  1. Now we all name our bongs, but do you guys name your cars? Just got the new Subaru Impreza, and I think I'll name it Scooby because: 1. Scooby Doo is righteous and 2. I think it works pretty well for a subaru.
  2. "scooby" is already like an internationally recognised nickname for subaru's.. mostly sti's

    i dont name my car... dno why.. just dont
  3. my car's name is "Please start baby, just get me home..."
  4. Welcome to the Subaru community. How do you like it? I own a modded 05 WRX that I love. I didnt name her, although I named my 07 MINI Cooper S 'Mickey' from the movie Snatch.

    You are partially correct. Scooby or Subie refers to all Subarus, not just the STI.
  5. I just call my car "Jeep".

    I mean, that's what it says right on the front, so I just assumed that was it's name. ;)
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    I named my first Mercedes "The Point" after a line I liked in a Smiths song ("...It was dark as I drove the point home...") But it was really only a nickname in my own mind...I never publicly referred to it as that and I sold it and bought a newer Mercedes before too long
  7. i name my cars based on what kinda car they are

    i had a ford tempo, called it the tempo, had a buick regal, called it the riggle, i got a buick riviera now, n i just call it the riv
  8. skydog what newer benz did you get?
  9. My car is named Black Betty.. she's black and a beast.
  10. i love black betty. The song is just terrific and its a great name for a car.
  11. Hah, well...'newer' is a relative term

    My first car was a 1987 260E and I sold it and bought a 1993 300E

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