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    Ok, Im a little pissed off. I only know how to change brakes and change the oil on a car. other then that i have 0...ZERO experience with cars...I knew my front end wheel bearing was going bad in July. Tell now i have taking it to several places. even the actual car dealership where i bought the car and they even fixed my faulty wheel bearing. (2010 Honda Civic). So they dont know what the fuck they are doing it they just have no knowledge on these newer cars that are coming out..This is how it was treated.

    They first told me my tires were bad, wheel bearing is fine

    -Got new tires

    Then they told me my breaks where bad, wheel bearing is fine

    - Got new breaks and rotors

    Then they said that the "Shim" between my caliper and brake pad was grinded down and cut and it spun a 180 and now is grinding on the rotor which is causing that loud howling type sound. Wheel bearing is fine

    -I said fuck this i took the car apart with a friend to fix the shim cause i knew i can fix that, since i was so far in i said fuck it lets look at the wheel bearing, wheel bearing is fucked. super fucked. and i would need a bearing press...super double fuck. 

    seriously you shit head mechanics..seriously?. you guys specialize in this shit..I fuckin do not. I cant believe our world is really getting this shitty. you honest to fuckin god cant trust a single soul. thats really really really fucked up. 

    it sucks.. i have to go to a mechanic with a fuckin pen and paper, have his ass take a test before he works on my car. its actually coming down to that. 

    Fuckin mechanics i think you need to go back to school and brush up on the newer cars or something, cause nothing but stupid has been flying out of there mouths


  2. The two people a man needs to search long and hard to find someone trustworthy to do:
    Pot dealer
    Once you find 'em, don't let them go.
  3. I will take your advice on that. Ill ask my friend for his

    I see how these are such alike. hah!!
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    well said
    mine's pretty good atm. he'll fix the problem in a timely fashion and, although they can't really help the fee, he will work with me on payments if i can't cover the whole repair up front
  5. I fix my own car whenever possible. (Thanks to YouTube videos). But I still dropped over $2000 for new rubber and some front end work, including wheel bearings. I feel your pain.
  6. Youtube can teach you how to perform a surgery. Surely, it can teach you how to fix your wheel bearing. Stop going to stealership. All the equipment you need to perform the job can be rented from pep boys or autozone.
  7. What is this world coming to? A man taking his car to the shop bahahaha fix it yourself bud. Not like its a solenoid thats unfixable in terms of DIY anyway.

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  8. All you need to check a wheel bearing is a jack, just jack the car up so the tire is off the ground and see if there is any in/out movment of the tire becuase with a proper functioning wheel bearing there should be zero movment. Also if you can do brakes on a car you can change a wheel bearing there not that hard (just watch a youtube video).

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  9. Fix anything on my own. I figure someone equality smart as me put it together I should know how to disassemble it , most of the times it's pretty straight forward just takes so much time .

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  11. Yeah luckily my uncle owns a body shop anf does minor stuff for me.

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