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  1. i want this g35 coupe at a small dealership, the problem is most banks want you to go through a pre approved dealership by the bank of your loan. Anyone know a company i can get a loan from without going through that, i have bad credit cause my wife, still make 110k myself a year though so it won't be a problem paying for.
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    than save yer money and buy it in way to buy a car. But you probably want to be rebuilding your credit. Otherwise, I would go to an outside source, you can try capital one they will just give you a check and you go to the dealership and haggle that price down a bit (serious anything, scratches, smudges, no flo mats, anything) and write the amount on the check. The check though will obviously only be worth a set amount. Probably the easiest way. You could try a local credit union. Local lending agencies in your area. Only downside is you'll probably get a hella high interest rate, a 15k g35 could cost damn near 20k depending on how long it takes you to pay it back. Loans are teh ghey.

    EDIT: Oh yeah! also when you go to the dealership, bring your OWN carfax and autocheck, yes check both, it is important you check both. Some things show up on carfax that don't show up on autocheck and vice versa (i work at a dealership, dealerships will show you which ever one looks better.) Also make sure you bring the kelly blue book WHOLESALE value and the retail, and private party. Last thing make sure you bring the values from NADA as well. This little bit of info will get a killer deal on that car. The Wholesale price from kbb or the clean trade-in value from nada is what you want to get close to, somewhere in between those two. A good deal on a used car would probably be 500-1000 over what the dealership is in the car.

    DOUBLE EDIT: And remember, if they don't give you the deal you want, walk away, DO NOT get attached to that car in anyway. There are others out there and places that want your business, don't settle on the first unless it's a awesome deal. Imo you'd be better off buying from a private seller, but where ever the better deal is though...amiright???
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    i did capital one first, they want a pre approved dealership and they off me a list to select from, any ideas/advice with that?

    edit thanks for that great info, i'm in love with this car, i'm gonna pm you link sense you seem interested enough to help me thus far. got a question or two left in me, sorry and thank you it's muchly appreciated.
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    Well, that's because of your bad credit. Just because you make the money doesn't mean they want to lend it to you, regardless your credit does the talking, if you sit like at 500 beacon you may have to settle on filling an app out and having a car chosen on the terms of the lien holder, which means you may not get a g35 (not an ideal car for these situations) but the goodnews is really you only have to make a few payments on it to start gettin your credit goin again, maybe after 6months to a year you can take a dive on the car and trade in for a g35.
  5. Probably a better idea, this kinda stuff usually isn't things you want the whole world knowing...even though here in the City peeps are cool, still.
  6. still don't know where to get a loan w/o going through a "pre approved" dealership.
  7. 110k? what kinda work you do?

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