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  1. So here I am driving through Brisbane's CBD at say 10Km/h, when some dude ploughs into my from behind pushing me into the car infront... I was on way home from work. I know I'm not at fault and insurance will take care of it all but the thing that pissed me off the most was my car was annihilated compared to the other two cars..

    So illl be car-less for a while which means getting to work will be extremely difficult. Not to mention I fly to the States in three weeks. Life plays games .. Anyway I'm going to roll a J and practice my drums :Smoke:
  2. Soorry to hear that bro. If you need a ride to work, i cant help you. So dont call.
  3. damn dude. i rear ended someone at at toll booth once (my brakes were shot at the time) and my car got wrecked, $700 to get it inspection worthy again. the car i hot had absolutely no damage, and you couldn't even see a single scratch where i hit him. sucked. i was car less for a good two weeks after.

    now go practice your drumming man! what do you enjoy playing?
  4. what kind of car?

    You guys get Holden V8s down under right?
  5. I was going to get an nice truck for free in a few months, but some fucknut rear-ended the driver and it got written off. I feel your pain.

  6. what will happen now is you sue the guy in the back and the guy in front sue's you ether way you get fucked insurance will go up and it's not your fault it sucks I deal with these kind of things all the time dont pay the deductable make the guy in the back pay
  7. I feel you bro. I was hella tired last week and had taken some sudafed/ibuprofen in the morning. I was driving in the left lane on the highway and was moving at like 10 mph due to traffic. I was so fucking tired, it was a struggle to stay awake. So next thing i know i wake up to a huge bang.
    I passed out and drifted to the left into the cement barrier dividing the highway. Both my left wheels got completely fucked, one was bent inwards, i definately broke the axle. So ya, the garage aaid it was gonna be like $2200 in damages and will most likely double when they look into it further. Thank god for insurance

  8. Gay brah. Same thing happened to my bro at a yellow, and the cop said it was his fault. I guess thats what u get for being Canadian with ur metric n what not.

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