car in a tree??

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bajadan236, May 15, 2010.

  1. if anyone is familiar with philly airport here is a story for you. so behind the philly airport is this abandon straight away that is proli a 1/2mile long that ppl go and fuck around with their cars there. so we turn onto the road and see tail lights in the bushes at a weird angle. at first we were like its a cop, but as we got closer we noticed it was a car that crashed into a tree. so being the good person that i am i ran up to the car and opened the door. i was expecting the worst, but when i opened it noone was there. the horn was going and the lights where on but no one to be found. as we left i called 911. down the road, not even 500 yards away were these kids walking on the street, and as soon as we looked at them we knew they where the kids in the accident. the driver was fine because of his airbag but the passenger was fucked up. the left side of his face was all red and bleeding and shit. we asked if they were ok and what happened. they were fucking around and going to fast and by the time they braked, they crashed. they also said they were gonna report it stolen so they wouldn't get in trouble. once we left like 3 cops showed up, a fire truck, and an ambulance. at least they are ok but dumbass...

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