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Discussion in 'General' started by dpc1192, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Alright guys well I'm looking to get a car..

    I have a enough money saved up now that i can spend up to 10k..

    I was thinking maybe a 87-01 BMW or an Audi A4.

    As far as BMWs go I like the e 30 and e36 M3's, and the newer looking 3 Series.
    Anyone have any info on these cars?

    Thanks Alot!
  2. Eh, BMW's are WAY over-rated. My dad is a product trainer for GM...

    The new Hyundai Elantra has a better safety rating than the new 3 series. With 10 grand, you could get a REALLY nice saturn. My pops has an 03 or 04 L300. He's got it over 100,000 miles, and it drives BEAUTIFULLY. The new cadilac CTS is absolutely amazing. I got to drive one while in AC. It's fucking a work of art.

    It starts at $33,000, but with the fully loaded heated/cooled seats,leather, Nav system. Bose 5.1 surround sound. It's an amazing car.

    You'll be in the 40,000's $$ with it fully loaded. Audi's are nice cars, but also quite expensive.
  3. Yeah, but I'm talking used with like 70k miles
  4. get a nice nissan. maximas are choice and if you can find it, 90s 300zx are badass cars. I know, because I own one. The new altima coupe is pretty sleek too and it is only 20k.
  5. Get an LS1...



  6. A good used beemer is a good choice. The engineering is incredible. If you can read directions, you can fix most problems. I never had any problems with mine.

    I too am in the automotive industry, and I too work for GM. Well, I'm contracted to them. American cars have come a long way, true, but they are designed in a way that maintenence and repairs are damn near impossible to diy. If you go with new, which now is a great time for that, I'd go Mopar. All the others 100,000 mile warranties, big deal. Chrysler is offering a Lifetime powertrain warranty. That includes Dodge and Jeep. Pretty tough to beat.

    With $10,000, anybody will give you a loan for the rest. Good interest rate too. You could probably get a +$20,000 brand new car for under $190 per month with a big down payment.

    I assume that you are young, so that Chrysler warranty would be great for you. If you are around 20yo, you could be driving the same car when you are 80yo. It may just be seats,wheels, and a frame, but the powertrain would still be good.

    If you do find a good used beemer, I would suggest that you look up Bavarian Auto works in New Hampshire. It's a BMW parts warehouse, and you can purchase OEM parts for less $ than parts for American cars. Making your maintenence cheaper.

    By the way, 70,000 miles on a beemer, and it's not even broken in yet. I had an '87 325, with 230,000 miles on it. It used 0 oil, I got 32mpg on the highway, and I would run 85-90 mph all the time. Problem free. It took a fullsize Dodge Ram travelling over 60mph to kill it. Nobody will ever tell me that beemers are not safe, because I'm still here after that crash. I was hit broadside by that beast, and I was able to walk away without a scratch. The other driver was knocked out cold. Probably a good thing because I was pissed.

    The bike in my avitar is BMW. I've got 15,000 miles on it (a lot forr an '04) and it drives better everyday. I've owned many bikes in my life, and the Beemer is hands down, the best bike I've ever ridden.

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