Car headlights for growing?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TheMysticMan, May 17, 2006.

  1. No not alot of people would agree. I didn't say HID was a MH I said there's a blue spectrum much like the MH which is used for vegging, and honestly if you're using a Metal Halide to flower your plants you'd get slapped by anyone who knows what they're doing
  2. ^ What you said is, "good luck flowering with a HID.." Maybe you meant MH for that post. But HPS is a HID and of course is great for flowering.
  3. Simple formula it is called OHM's law first thing you learn when taking electronics courses.
  4. alao HID car lamps areDC not AC. you just need a 12 volt power supply that can handle the amparge that the lamps need.
  5. Dude, you're just twisting my words.

    yes good luck flowering with a HID i said, he was asking if you could use a HID bulb from a car which you can't because those create BLUE SPECTRUMS ONCE AGAIN WHICH DO NOT FLOWER A PLANT.

    That doesn't say you CANT, but it would be in the best interest not to do it

    and no. HPS creates a RED spectrum. Big difference.
  6. u could probibly use it on a car charger, they go up to about 6 amps, car lights arnt that powerfull, al least not 400 watt, low beam ones are about 35 watt and hi's shouldnt be over 65 i dont think
    u can buy them from 5k to 10k
    and this is what they look like at those colors
  7. Nice post Mr Muffin.
    Car HID bulbs are around 85-100 watts. I am always amazed when such a dumb thread (no offence Mysticman) attracts such intense conversation. I mean this is funny we are actually talking about lighting your plants with the headlights of youir car? Look, you even got the "brains" to show up (joint and urgr8estfear, I both gave them + Reps for their engineering discussion).

    Very funny toasty, I was lost in the dust when they broke out the formulas. There is however some confusion at the basic level. Falling under the category of HID's are MH's, HPS's, Xenon headlights, and others. These are all HID lights. HID lights are the best for growing. An MH light will flower plants beautifully even though they are not the absolute best; HPS is best for flower of course. Hoast you make it sound like an MH won't flower plants and I don't think that's accurate.
  8. I think we're saying the same thing. Your comment about flowering with HID sounded like a general comment not specific to car HIDs. No worries, we agree that blue=veg=MH and red=flower=HPS.
  9. Good. Now that we've got that figured out.

    I'm going to go flower my crop with a Metal Halide.

    Just kidding...
  10. :cool: yup. MH flower just fine. They are not as "ideal" as HPS, but they difinitely do the job.
  11. Yes, this is what I meant when I started saying "the only advantage I can see..."

    It wouldn't be hard to rig these up to an alternative power source. I just don't think it would be worth the time/effort.
  12. I do not doubt that this is what the text book says.
    Still logic suggests that loss is a result of the magnetic and eletric fields multiplied by space(their size).

    There is actually one small mistake in my previous post though ; in P = I^2 * R formula time is actually incorporated. Its in the P which are Watts which are Joules/second and in and probably also in I ; which I GUESS is electromagnetic energy flux per timeunit.


    You can actually lose 1 joule / second for a period of 0.2 seconds.
    This is the time component I am missing!

    w000000000t : genius mode engaged!!!!!:hippie:
  13. Haha. Thats funny. You guys are using headlights to grow your plants?!

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