Car headlight bulbs.

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  1. Though i would just throw this out there before doing some research, so any feed back would greatly welcome. Can car head light bulbs be used f or a small grow 1-4 plants ?
  2. I have always thought that hid lights would be the shit in a grow room but wouldent know how to wire them
  3. Hrm...

    12V power supply in a car...

    12V power supply in a computer...

    maybe, depending on amperage and some other factors, could possibly be wired with a simple computer power supply.
  4. [​IMG]

    This graph shows the different specta emitted by each source. A car lamp will be a tungsten source.

    They don't emmit the right kinds of light for your plants, especially during the veg state. :cool:

    crappy I know:devious:
    Try CFLs; they are cheep and easy to grow with. If you only have a 12v supply (off grid?) they do make HPS for 12v systems, as well as CFLs.

    SWF your right to be cautious about wiring up HIDs. If you want PM me I can help you get them going; they arn't that bad after you know what each wire and part is for:rolleyes:

    peace guys
  5. I got a cfl grow goin on right now. Link in my Sig. Check it out, I'm all about constructive criticism. Cfl are the shit

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