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Car Etiquette Question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by YellowSubmarin3, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Nah just roll down the windows,I went on a road trip with 2 of my cousins once,neither of who smoke.I kept rolling j's on the way to the lake and they did'nt care,of course the windows were rolled down so yea,should matter to them unless it's really cold or something outside.
  2. Who cares ? It's your car. They don't like it they can walk. Toke away son. Just keep visine & ozium nearby incase of any pesky porkers.
  3. dude gas money for a two hour trip is like 20 dollars. and i drive a jeep. another 20 on the way back.
  4. LOL,that's funny because one of my cousins loves the smell,just does'nt smoke at all.
    Everytime I light up he comes and chills right next to me if he's not doing other shit.
  5. your car; your rules to be perfectly honest. if your non smoking friends cant deal with a little weed smoke for a while they can drve themself...
  6. its the principle. their already riding for free. shit people trip over getting a ride right around the block. talking bout "you got 3 dollars" for a ride down the street
  7. your car... your rules :D
  8. 20$ for a 2 hour road trip?? Are you on crack? lol
    Did he say what type of vehicle it is? Did he say if it was mountain terain or dead flat plains? I know a 2Hr road trip in my truck is almoist 40$ a way, and thats with a tail wind!!
  9. im playing devils advocate because i have nothing better to do, but local driving will rape your gas mileage. 3 dollars get you 10 times farther during a 2 hour trip:devious:

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