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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Wonka420, May 25, 2002.

  1. damn this one time me and some friends were looking for a good place to toke, and being our usual dumbass selves we decided that a car dealership would be a great place to smoke so we get into a brand new unlocked car and roll two blunts and start boxing the car.

    well what do ya know after the blunts were about half done a guy comes by, sees us, sees the super foggy windows and pulls out his cell phone and calls the cops (at least i think he called the cops, for the purpose of the story we'll assume it was the cops). we jump out of the car and a huge plume of weed smoke floats out of the fucking car.

    we knew the cops were coming but we didnt wanna put the blunts out so we just started running while still smoking and we ran across a couple major streets with blunts in our mouths puffing away.

    oh well we didnt get arrested or anything. it was still pretty a stupid thing to do. just thought i'd share the story.
  2. Fun in the "stoned zone", Lmao!! :D :smoking:

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