Car Crashes

Discussion in 'General' started by nucka, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. I need help, my buddy just was in a car accident and I need to know if he could have been searched. He was not the driver and was carrying 2 grams.
  2. i dont think they would search him but who knows...
  3. Only if there is suspicious activity.

  4. like smoke billowing out of the car or weed laying all over the street... :D

    usually not, unless said driver was intoxicated
  5. He was searched but didn't have anything on him as it turns out. They searched him because they thought he was intoxicated, but he couldn't even walk right because the air bag nearly took his head off. They charged him with dui without even giving him a breathalizer and he wasnt on anything.

  6. thats why you refuse the breathalizer and go for blood work... even if you did have a drink... by the time they get you to the hospital to take the blood... some if not most of the alcohol in your system should be gone... take time it works.....

    not that im supporting the action of drinking and driving what so ever.

  7. Yea but a blood test will bring up all the pot they smoked in the last month, and we've all seen that retarded commercial that says 1 in 3 drivers who get an accidents test positive for marijuana use. Of course its bull shit cause ya obviously dont have to be stoned to test positive for weed, but you can get a dui for testing pos.
  8. His dad told the cops that he won't let them bring him to the hospital, so no tests were done, the dui chrge was based simply on the fact that he was almost falling down while he was walking. Which was because of the impact of the airbag.

  9. Yea thats sounds like total bs, sorry to hear he got a dui even though the only influence he was under was airbag. Oh and BTW, you are gonna be asked to change that sig faster than it took me to think of something that is fast.

  10. Oh damn, I didn;t even pick up on that. Yea so what's the deal nucka?
  11. He was actually driving, i heard from another friend of mine that he was not driving but when i talked to him he told me what really happened.

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