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Discussion in 'General' started by Freak, May 15, 2004.

  1. well last night while me and friends were going... got in a car crash... thank goodness no one got hurt, but I totaled my 2002 acura rsx.

  2. That sucks man... What happened?
  3. i know how it is...

    when i was 16 i crashed my parents mercedes, worked for 2 years until i repaid all the bills to fix it...
  4. that sucks man, but keep your head up. hopefully you learned from your shit. and dont worry itll go away in time and youll be able to look back on it and chuckle a little. i was drunk and i crashed my shit one nite, i got a lot of heat from parents and felt like shit, but now its almost a joke when you look bad. peace.
  5. damn that sucks man, rsx kicks ass!...but at least no one got hurt
  6. HI!

    Got ahold of insurance auto body place.... blue book value of it is 17 grand, and to fix it will only cose 9 grand, So they aren't gonna total it and I'll have my baby back in 2 weeks! :D

  7. i assume thats cost...

    ...good thing its nothing expensive or anything :confused:
  8. Yeah crashes can be fun (if your high as hell or drunk), but it can be damn serious.

    I've been in more crashes then I can remember, and I was the driver only a couple times. One time we were at the neighbours and having a good time at his party, we were all prety wasted and the was this guy there who we called "long neck" and we all ran out to his car jumped in and locked the doors, driving all over the place, and ended up crashed into a tree just outside of my grandmas house... Then when I get out I slip on the ice and I'm too drunk to even get back up, and I'm jsut laying there lookin at the stars as the exhaust fumes pass above me, was cool looking. Then we couldn't get back in the car because the doors were locked, so we just left it there and walked back to the party.

    Another time none of us were drunk, and it was me and my to cousins, dean and melissa, and melissa was driving his truck. We were going down the highway and we came to a bend that went right, and halfway through it the was a road and a pull off on the left (where we had to go), and so she notices she's about to pass our turn by, and decides it would be a good idea to change from continueing turning right, and spins the wheel as far to the left as she couls and we made a 65mph turn onto a gravel road/pull off, and of course she missed the road and jumped the embankment (about 30ft) into the pull off area, and almost rolled the truck.... When we got out it was being help up on a sideways tilt by a giant boulder, lol... women drivers!

    I'm seriously scared to gt into a car with a girl driving.... they've almost killed me so many times... The last date I was on, the girl started pulling onto a busy highway without even checking for oncoming traffic, and i was like "WHOA!!!, stop!", a big ass truck missed her little car by only a couple feet! Some girls are good drivers, but some are airheads to whats around them, and how to operate a vehicle.... She didn't even know what happened, she was like "What?....?" lol

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