Car Broke Down!

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    So I was about .3 miles away from my workplace and my car stalled out, or so I thought, I tried starting it again to no avail.

    Now a few weeks ago I lost my cell phone so I couldn't call anyone, so I put it in neutral and tried to push it but it was on a hill so that didn't work out. I climbed back into my car and put my head down wondering what the fuck I was going to do when two cop cars drive by.

    I wave at them and they throw their lights on and pull up behind me. I told them my car broke down and the both started shining flashlights all in my car and asking where I was going and coming from, I told them I was going to work coming from my house.

    So unfortunately I had some fireworks in my car still from the fourth of July, and when they saw those they proceeded to search my car and search me (luckily I didn't have anything on me). Then two more cop cars pull up, so I'm sitting there with 4 cop cars with heir lights blaring all pissed hoping I don't have anything incriminating in my car. They found my bowl case, luckily my bowl is at my hosue, and immediately started questioning if I had weed on me. They searched everything, even sifted through my ash tray looking for roaches. They didn't find shit.

    I was pissed, I mean my car broke down and instead of helping me out right away they give me the third degree asking me about drugs and alcohol looking at my eyes, making me put my hands on my trunk to search me, so I'm sitting there feeling like a tool getting searched and questioned because my car sucks.

    Eventually they called a tow truck, let me off the hook for the 3 tiny ass fireball things I had and gave me a ride to work.

    All in all it was a horrible start to my day.

    Now I get to pay the tow truck place for the tow, and I'm going to need a diagnoses of the problem so theres some more money, and if they have to fix it I gotta pay for that.

    My car is an '88 toyota camry with 180 thousand miles on it so if the cost to fix it is too high it looks like I'll be needing to find a new car.

    Fuck my life.
  2. That sucks man. I recently had to get a new front gasket on my car so I know how it feels to throw down some cash. My car only has about 105,000 miles on it so I decided that it was worth the money.

    Fucking cops. Always trying to fill their quota...
  3. maybe an alternator prob...toyotas are great cars btw hopefully it's nothing serious. does the car still turn when u turn the key? i'll send u some good vibes so that u won't get screwed over on the pricing.
  4. Wish you were near where i lived i could save you alot of money. I can fix anything on a car even tell you whats wrong with it. Only takes 4 things to make an engine run. Air, Fuel, Fire, and Compression. A simple process of elimination could save you a fortune. Obviously your car is getting air. Seldom will an air filter plug bad enough to stop that. If it died on you without any major racket, like crunches clings, bangs or thuds, more than likely nothing mechanically important broke. So fire would be the next step. If you can pull a spark plug out reattach the plug wire to it and lay the bottom end of the plug somewhere on the block and turn the engine over looking for it to spark. If no, you probably need a new distributor cap or rotary button. Maybe an ignition coil. If you have spark, put your plug back and check for fuel. 88 camary should have a single injector on the throttle body or an actual carb. Take the air breather off and have some one turn it over with the gas pedal all the way down and look into the carb for gas flow. If none, possibly plugged fuel filter or line, maybe bad fuel pump. 88 camary has a manual pump that rides the cam. They are cheap. If you have fuel flow then next in line is your compression. Loss of compression is caused by worn piston rings, faulty valves, blown head gasket or inappropriate timing. This is a tricky one to check. First lets eliminate the head gasket. Check you oil and see if it looks like a milk shake. If no good, if yes blown head gasket. Next check your radiator fluid, again to see if it looks like a milk shake. If yes blown head if no good. Now fill the radiator full of water to the top leave the cap off and Turn the car over a few times and see if it blows bubbles out of the radiator. If no then your head gasket is good. If yes it's bad. Only way to really check the rings on the pistons is a compression gauge. You could always pull all your plugs out and turn the engine with a wrench and have some one hold their finger over the spark plug holes and see if it blows their finger off the hole or tries to suck it in. Dont try this by turning the key though or someones finger might really get sucked through the hole.. lol.. Faulty valves will usualy cause alot of smoke and shuddering but the engine would still run. So go ahead and cross that off the list. Timing, had it jumped, you would be getting occasional fire with possible backfires through the air breather. Toyotas dont jump time often unless seriously dogged out. My guess would be bad Distributor, ignition coil or fuel pump. If you could give me more info on what it does when you try to crank it and how it died on you I might could be more helpful.. Wish you luck on this and if i can help I'll try.
  5. Thanks for the post, unfortunately I'm really a noob when it comes to cars.

    When it died it felt like it just stalled out, but then when I started it again it sounded horrible, not really sure how to describe the sound it just sounded rattley i guess. Then it seemed to stall out again and when I tried to start it it sounded like something was turning in it but the engine wouldn't start up.

    There was fluid leaking from it also, I have no idea if it was coolant or transmission fluid or what, I'm not really sure where it was leaking from.

    I'll probably end up getting the problem diagnosed by the garage and see if it's even worth fixing, if I tried to diagnose it myself it would be futile, even with your tutorial I would be completely lost, but thanks for the post anyway.
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    'Nuff said.
    The only downside is that it is un drivable in snow. I love sitting at a light and someone looks at me like im an idiot for driving one of these things. Then I just blow him away when it turns green.:D
    Can easily keep up to highway traffic, im to scared to push it past 120km/h though!
  7. That definitely doesn't sound good. Was it oil. It's possible you slung a rod. In which case your better off buying another used car. Anything that ends in your car leaking fluids on the ground is a really bad sign. Id say possibly a busted radiator but that wouldn't stop your engine from running. I'm going to have to guess you either slung a rod, or the tranny locked up on you. Possibly even a cracked engine block. If you take it to the shop. Take down my screen name and let me know the results if you don't mind I'm curious to know. Sorry for your luck but I can guarantee it won't be a cheap fix at all. I'd start looking for a cheap used car, or something new.. Best wishes though..
  8. LMMFAO!!! thats too FUNNy.. Yeah that about says it.. Hell with gas prices now a days I think everybody needs one..
  9. I'll keep you updated in this thread, I'm going to the garage right after work.

    A moped wouldn't work as I'm going to need to be on the highway during the wintertime and winter in upstate new york isn't a joke.

    Oh well, looks like I'm taking out a loan.
  10. URG, its not a moped! Its a scooter, and can go just as fast as a car!
  11. Haha, that picture is hilarious.

    But yea, a scooter wouldn't work for me.
  12. Some of these little scooters now days will haul balls. But scooters are like fat chicks. Theyre fun to ride but you wouldn't be caught dead by your friends on it. I've always had a honda and I always will. Best cars money can buy hands down.
  13. what a bummer man.. having the car break down sucks enough.. but to get your balls busted on top of it is bullshit.

    good luck man.
  14. So I just got a call from the garage it got towed to and they said the engine was "burned out" he said the timing belt went which caused it to bend the valves and blow antifreeze everywhere. Fucking cost me 135 bucks for the tow, plus i'm not sure how much he's going to charge for him to look at it.

    I think that was what he said at least, so looks like I gotta look for a new car.

    This could be a blessing in disguise though, I think if I was driving that car in the winter I might have killed myself.

    Plus having a new car will be nice.
  15. Ah, good vibes man. Hopefully you'll have a car soon. That's shitty to hear about those asshole cops, though... That's such a bitch man.

    Oh and on the moped subject...
    have you ever heard of moped gangs?

    Around here the spoiled rich brats get their folks to buy them a new moped, then they ride around with their moped buddys and act like badasses.

    In reality they're just a bunch of obnoxious brats.
  16. Well I knew it would be something major. A used head will cost you $100-$150, head gasket about $30, timing belt about 15-20, and the labor between $300-600. They will probably recommend a new head though running you between 250-400, plus your tow bill. I'd just get a new car and sell that one to a scrap yard for the cost of the tow bill. I recommend a Honda, Very dependable cars and good on gas. I've had several and never had one leave me on the side of the road, but i upgrade them for street and off road racing and run the hell out of them. Any way good luck on finding you a new car, hope you get a good price on one. Just stay away from the fords.
  17. File a complaint with your local district and try to identify the four pigs in question. That's fucking shameful.
  18. Hey I'm curious to know what happened to your car. Let us know when you check it out after work. I'm pretty sure you're due for some good luck by now :D
  19. I think you missed something,, he already posted what happened. His timing belt broke and the pistons slapped his valves bending them and cracking his head throwing radiator fluid everywhere.

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