Car box and Pee test... eh help?

Discussion in 'General' started by tWeAk, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. Ey all, yes im new to forums but i have a question. About 2 weeks ago i was in my friends car, and since I had quit smoking i didn't want to take a puff.. He hit the bowl, and so did one other girl, I realized if i stay in the car I could get weed in my system, which I don't because i will be taking a pee test soon for a job offer.

    If I did not smoke in that car, and was in it for about 2 minutes, with minimal amount of smoke.. and i didn't get high at all, is there a possibility of it showing up on the test? or do I full blow need to inhale from the pipe for it to show up?

    Also, before that It was more then 40 days since I smoked.. so If it wasn't for that night, i SHould be pretty clean.

    thanx plz help.
  2. need help.. bump?
  3. just drink lots of cranberry juice

    and get exercise..
  4. My friend usually comes for dinner on Saturdays and hits just a few with me. A couple times she has gotten a surprise test on a Monday or a Tuesday and has always tested clean.
    Dont worry about it...........
  5. nope, youshould be fine, you need to full blow inhale..whatever that

    yeah, youd have to take gigantic hit
  6. even if you took a few hits as long as it was only that once
    you would be clear in a day or two it only sticks arround in your system if you toke alot
    the more offten you do it the more likely you will test positive
    i had to test every mouth for 2 yrs once
    (probation)only failed once
    claimed i was at a party and there was alot of it arround
    they gave me a new test and all was well

    back then all you had to do was eat a cupple golden seal
    poots pills every day and you could smoke a ton!and still pass!believe me

    i pissed wile i was baked every time affter i learned this

    i would walk into the lab stoned off my ass
    red eyes
    reeeeking of dope

    they would chuckle to them selves thinking i would fail for shure

    now i probably would fail
    cus they figured that trick out too
    and if they do a decent test it will discover
    the masking agent
  7. now they are doing a swab of the inner mouth at local places of employment here.
  8. becose people suck!

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