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  1. What's up blades I occasionally lurk this part of the forum and never saw a car audio thread so lets start one.

    Post up what you got info specs pics whatever.

    Currently I'm running an alpine 4 channel to my 6 infinity coaxial speakers in my blazer, got a pioneer double din head unit and just order a 18 inch soundqubed hdc318 to go with my sundown sax 1200d

    I'm planning on upgrading the sundown amp to a soundqubed 2200

    Anyways I'd love to see your guys builds and shit I'll be updating this soon enough once I get my new sub in.

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  2. Man wheres all my bassheads at, bunch of views but not a single system? cmon you guys spending all your money on weed  :ey:
  3. Eventually ill put a stereo system in my truck, but that's literally the last thing I'll do.

    Its winter project season, I'm sure more people will post once it gets warmer
  4. Cmon man it was 85 out today what's winter lol

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  5. In my S10, off the road for new suspension, I have an American Audio monoblock pushing 1200W RMS to 2 JL 12W6's with a 1.5 farad cap. Have a parametric EQ hooked up, running a Alpine 150W RMS 2 channel for door drivers and tweets, speakers are Hertz (Italy). Conservative SPL(db) was I think 135. Don't quote me on that. I have pushed out the rear window twice.  
  6. Hah, yesterday it was -8*F.
  7. Damn going for the sql huh, I bet those jl sound nice as fuck
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    How do I post pics from my phone I got a JL W1 10" with a pioneer head unit (idk the model brand new tho the one with Bluetooth)in my danger ranger. Had my real good buddy custom build a box looks legitt

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  9. Click " More reply options". @[member="B33PB33P"] That's just the nice system I got. The best part is no rattles anywhere, because of the insane amount of dyna mat everywhere in that truck. I find JL's are really only good for heavy bass, Hertz, Alpine and others are voiced much more fully, so they help the punchy kick bass of metal and rock much better.
  10. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392240068.477039.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392240092.742231.jpg

    Sorry about the glare it's sunny out lol. The net was in there before I put on the system and I didn't wanna get rid of it really comes in handy that's the amp behind it

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    Man, I spend a lot of money on this but have never brought my self to spend the money on the sound deadener, they want so much money for the stuff, how much did it really help you? and its awesome because all my damn plastic chevy blazer does is rattle lol
    Dude thats a sweet set up man, Pioneer head units are the way to go! That box you got in there looks really nice too
  12. @[member="welker 420"] Is that pioneer premier? The premier used to be good for a HU, I used to run kenwood excellon stuff. It always had 6V preouts, and the EQ was bypass friendly. Honestly the only Pioneer HU that has impressed me a lot over the past 10 years, is the new AVIC screens. They are really nice. But I do think that would be more features than I would ever use
  13. @[member="B33PB33P"] If you get unbranded dynamat it was I believe 100$(canada) for a 150 sq ft roll. Chevy's need it, the floor pans are some thin sheet metal, and the door panels def require a lot. You said Blazer/Jimmy right? In that case you need to do tailgate to. If you get really heavy high wattage system, you'll have to take the tailgate to a specialized glass place, so they can switch to plexi and reinforce the frame. 
  14. It says on the box DEH X6600B is the model. What is AVIC? This is the first after market head unit I've ever owned I'm still learning a lot about this stuff. That blue tooth is sooo nice tho just not having any wires and t connects automatically when I start the truck

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    Fuck I always do that quote instead if edit
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    Cool man thanks for the info. I've actually been having some trouble with my sub I'll try to explain. Basically it keeps cutting in and out like every 5 mins and it's annoying as fuck. I'm assuming is a wiring problem but u have any ideas? When the volume is real low I can hear it hitting but it's not when the bass note hits the sub sounds like it's doing it by itself. Sorry if that was confusing it suck at explaining things
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    @[member="welker 420"] It sounds like your sub is clipping. What amp and sub? Did you install and set up or have a shop do it?
    So you have the kenwood amp. What are your settings on it? Do you have your LF and HF cutouts setup, gain level?
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    mark imma have to go out and look. Are all those settings on the amp? My buddy who built the box set up and wired everything. Couple days ago another friend was messing with the settings to get the sub to hit harder that's probably what caused it.

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  18. Don't let friends mess with yo shit! If you can grab a pic of the adjustment pots, and I'll try to help you. You could try top turn down the gain. That may help right off the bat, if gain to high the driver(speaker)'s excursion is going to be too far.
  19. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392246622.159830.jpg

    That good? He didn't mess with the amp he just changed a couple settings on the HU to lower the bass in the front speakers to make the sub hit harder or some shit.

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