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Discussion in 'General' started by crucialdanks303, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Hey hows it going!

    So im currently looking to do some more audio upgrades to my land rover.

    Currently i have.

    Rockford fosgate 10" sub X2 Located in the rear. one on each side
    Rockford Fosgate 6" Speaker x2 top of driver and passenger side door one on each side
    Rockford Fosgate tweeters X2 on the windsheid columns one one each side

    two 225x2 rockford fosgate Amps
    And a Clarion Head unit.

    if i put two more rockford Fosgate 6" by 9" or 6" round speakers maybe in the back will that make it sound really good?

    And if so can i run it off what ive got now?

    Recommendations are welcome, i would like to keep everything i have now and add on.

    Open to adding on anything that will make it sound more clear and more deep.
  2. Well personally I would get a higher quality head unit, but that's just opinion.
  3. I would run a separate amp for the highs and one for the bass. Obviously your bass amp needs to be bigger than your mid/high amp.

    I've had a clarion head unit with a signal to noise ratio of 105. As long as you are over 100, you are cool.
  4. I have been looking to upgrade the head unit!

    Any advice on a good fair priced unit?

    i think thats how it is set now, Except there isnt a bigger size amp for the Sub's, So if i get a bigger amp to run the bass seperately that will help? the bass get overwhelms the quality of the music.
  5. I'm going to get the Kenwood KDC-BT838U. It has blutooth, HD radio and satellite radio ready, and it has 6 preamp outputs. It's very nice, I would recommend for stereo stuff.
  6. if i put two more speakers in, A bigger AMP for the subs, and run another sub on would it sound good?
  7. So tomorrow im thinking about getting four more 6" Speakers, Two new ones to replace the two up front, And two for the middle of the car.

    And then maybw a bigger amp if it will make the subs sound any better?

    And possibly a new Sub but i dont know if my head unit can run.
    three 10" subs
    four 6" Speakers
    two 225x2 amps
    And a pair of tweeters.
  8. It really depends what type of sound you are looking for to make it "better." I would leave your head unit alone for now, because you'll notice a bigger change adding/replacing speakers & amps then a new head unit.

    For clearer sound, tweeters will pick up the higher end for that.

    For deeper bass: A larger amp powering the two subs or also replacing them if you want to spend the money.

    I have multiple wholesale acct's with companies dealing with car audio & home theater, so let me know if you find something you want and I could possibly get it a little cheaper. Full warrantees included.
  9. To get it to sound better...get better equipment. I don't mean to sound like a dick, but Rockford was good back in the day but now they really arnt that great, and they lie about rms ratings on amps. The best sound audio, honestly, comes from the Internet.

    Check out, good clean hard hitting subs. For highs and mids I would look at, I've actually seen their warehouse and am friends with some of the R&D people. For amps, I would go with, for a head unit, alpine and kenwood are best.

    Let me know if you need anything else, or wanna see my set up.
  10. I dread a new set up lol, im not looking for like Pro competition shit. i just want a little deeper bass with a little bit of a clearer quality sound. I have two tweeters already, Is there a point for more then 2?

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