Car Accident and a new (used) vehicle

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokentoke420, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. So I took my moms car to run an errand (she told me to use hers since my new (used) vehicle isn't registered yet) and I was parked gettin ready to step out of the car and close a gate at the place I went, and the neuighbor backs out of their driveway right into my moms fender. Shits starts leaking, found out it was only the windshield whiper fluid stuff. But it scared the shit out of me.

    anyways, he's insured and admited it was 100% his fault, nice guy. Wants me to watch his animals while he goes on vacations as well :) lol.

    Anyways, yesterday my parents said they were going to fresno to "run errands" all day. They wouldnt tell me WHAT errands either. They came home around 4:30, mom in her car and dad in some random Toyota Four Runner.... Guess who's 4-runner that is? Haha, mine. Now I dont have to borrow their truck anymore. They drove TO L.A. and picked it up. It's got 2 gas tanks, 4 wheel drive, a sun roof, lol. lots of hiding spots for weed. Anyways, it gets good gas, thye drove from L.A. to Fresno (over 500miles) and it only used a quarter tank of only one of the tanks of gas., Damn good gas milage :D lol. Better than the 10mpg Im used to.

    I'lkl put up pics in a bit :)

    EDIT: Oh and it's not FREE for me. I've got to pay them back for it, in payment plans, they loaned me the money. We arent rich and shit.
  2. Good stuff, dude.

    Toyota's are great cars. I swear by them. How many miles does it got on it? Toyota engins go FOREVER. Ive had 2 toyotas with each over 250,000 miles and nothin wrong with them.

  3. Hmmm, I'm not sure. it was alot, I think. It's a 1990. Ill check when I go take pics :) I've always driven either the Ford F-250 so I've never driven a toyota. I like it so far though.
  4. Sucks about the accident, but congrats on the new truck!

    And its good to see you posting again dude.:hello:
  5. thats pretty spectacular mang. i thought you were gonna say it was a gift. im thinkin damn i gotta have me a coma if you get free ass trucks hahaha. nice deal the either way.
  6. nah man, they jus tryin to help me get my life on track. It's treal. It was only 3,000 plus prolly 500+ for registration and taxes, and I'm prolly put in another 1000 to get it runnin real smoothe. Then when I get them all payed off, it's time to fix the beast up. I know it's got potential.
  7. [​IMG]

    Miles : 190,747
  8. Nice, I've always liked the 4runners - are you gonna jack it up or anything? Definitely gotta put some subs in the back of that bitch:cool:
  9. fuck yeh, dude toyotas are very reliable vehicles. im gonna get a tacoma, and lift it, cause its all desert out here, offroad heaven.
  10. yes, I'm gonn raise it, put some subs/new speakers init, and fix up the engine and errythanmg
  11. sick sick man, ive been on the market for one of these or a tacoma lol good trucks
  12. ^^^^ - There is one in fresno for 4,000. It's a proetty one, but we only wanted to spend 3,000. So if you'd be willing to pay 4k, and come to fresno to peep it, then I can get you the contacts throughPM.
  13. GL fixing up ur ride smoken, def a nice treat to have. just watch out for cops cuz dukes will find any reason to pull u over.
  14. I'm getting a radar detecter/police scanner placed in it, as well as alot of extras. Jus got 2 12" subwoofers for free :) lol, well kinda free, homie asked to borrow a bowl, and I gave him one and he gave me subs

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