Captivating Alex Jones speech from Santa Cruz, CA

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  1. His hand motions and passion remind me of Hitler lol. Thank god he's for good and not evil.

    [ame=]YouTube - The Global Awakening - Alex Jones speech from Santa Cruz, CA[/ame]
  2. Make sure yall check this out if you have some free time.
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    He's a fear mongerer.

    I dont trust him. All the signs of controlled opposition are there.
  4. Just because the information he covers frightens you doesn't mean he's a fear monger. Fear mongering is globalists saying if we don't institute a carbon tax the polar bears will die and everyone will die. What Alex Jones does is similar to telling a child to look before you cross the street or you'll get hurt. It's not fear mongering if it's truthful and the person has good intentions.

    What signs would those be?
  5. I dont feel like explaining it all right now. Everything about him is sketchy. He isnt genuine about any of the shit he covers, its all an act. But believe what you want, you've got the whole internet to do your own research about him if you care. Don't take my word for it.

    All he does is repeat shit we already know.
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    He is trying to drill it into peoples head, that shit is happening around the world. But people continue to keep a blind eye to the events happening. We see government losing 3 billion dollars, and nobody wonders what the fuck is up with that? Listening to the show daily, I never see a repeat. Maybe sometimes repeat some information. But everyday he has news articles from the day that he reads, and talks about.
  7. Nothing about him is sketchy. Literally nothing. I've done hours of research and read every anti Alex Jones website out there. It's all bull.

    Umm you obviously don't want his show. Everyday he covers brand new news and information. Why do you think the #1 alternative news source in the world ( links to him on a daily basis?
  8. I can't listen to alex for more than about two weeks before I decide he's full of shit; again.
    He can be entertaining though,
    It was fun to listen to him on short wave back in his early days, made you feel all subversive and stuff.:smoke:
  9. He COULD be genuine but I still dont trust him. I dont accept the idea that he is genuine.

    If there is a revolution I damn sure aint gonna follow his lead. Neither should anyone else. Thats all im saying.
  10. What intel do you have which supports the view he isn't trustable or genuine?
  11. Ultimately my own intel and reasoning.
  12. He is out of his fucking mind. Lots of mentions of "they" and "secret groups" plotting against the world and pulling the strings that control the world, yet very little evidence if any. New world order, this buidling looks like an owl, freemasons blah blah blah. He's crazy, look into what he's saying instead of trusting him and you'll understand that.
  13. “Some even believe we (the Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”
    - David Rockefeller, Memoirs, page 405

  14. Lol...Alex Jones is for good and not evil? More like he stands for ignorance and paranoia.

  15. i feel this, he needs to listen to himself sometimes and realize how crazy he sounds. if he doesn't want to be discredited then he should tone down the crazyness. kinda hard to get people to believe you when they think youre a little whacky
  16. He's like one of those over-the-top infomercial guys. you could tell the guys a damn fake. Maybe thats the whole point, to make a mockery out of his followers.
  17. i definitely get that "salesman vibe" from him. he'd make a hell of a shamwow pitch i bet. but he'd go crazy about it and start calling it the scamwow and how it dictated every moment of our life
  18. There's a reason Alex Jones threads go in Pandora's Box and not the Politics forum. :p

    Dude comes off like a cult-leader to me, and some of his followers don't exactly help with that view. :poke:
  19. +rep scamwow:D
  20. Let's keep this real simple and step back to look at this objectively BEFORE we even dive into the information at his website. If you ever listen to his radio show, he starts it off with a siren and starts going batshit crazy at times on the mic. That aside, the name of his website is infoWARS, the slogan is "Cause there's a war on for your mind", really, what war? There isn't any war in your mind except the fear mongering that goes on at his website. Start to really question this mans intentions. Is he really doing anything to help you or anyone else in the long run? Does he ever give any REAL positive solutions to life?

    I don't mind some of the information that he gives out because alot of it is very valuable, however, someone who has been on FAUX news can't be fully trusted because isn't fox news one of his mortal enemies of the same establishment he threatens to revolt against? You see, a real man, a real journalist, a real human being wouldn't just try to scare you into submission without offering a peaceful and loving solution that would actually better yourself along with mankind.

    If you really listened to this guy day in and day out, you could literally have NO enjoyment out of life. If you take one thing out of anything I said just remember this, FEAR IS THE OPPOSITE OF LOVE!!!!

    After all, who are you really revolting against when you sit back and think about it? If you pointed a finger at yourself, your correct.

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