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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by sn00py, Sep 12, 2002.

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  1. The following picture is a test. Apparently there is a boat somewhere in this picture, your mission is to find it. Women, for some reason are better than men at this. In fact, most women can find the boat in seconds. I was looking for half an hour last night before I finished work and all day today. I thought I was getting close but no such luck. I have dedicated all the time I can to this..

    Is it just me? ;)
  2. did you get that pic of me?
  3. Nope .. Its no use .. No boat there .. :p
  4. daisey is that u darlin been lookin for that shot!!! no damn boat here

  5. lol of course it\'s me!!!!!
  6. Thought maybe the picture of the boat might be on tat little string somewhere so I got reeal close to my screen, still couldn\'t see a boat, I dunno maybe my monitor resolution isn\'t good enough for small details.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  7. I\'m very glad that this picture is in the pandora\'s box forum. was not set-up to promote sexist, women degrading photographs but to bring mutual admiration between people of all sexual orientation, races, nationalities through the enjoyment of marijuanna. Pictures like this border on pornography and should be completeky banned from this site.

    BTW, Nice tits and ass! ;)
  8. I agree BPP this is very distastefull. Posting a pic of a good looking woman like Daiseyduke and saying there is a boat in the picture.

    If you are going to make a post like this at least put a pic of the boat in it!!!!!
  9. Porno? Tits? Ass? Man, You guys have vivid imaginations, I thought I was supposed to find a boat in the picture and here you guys are coming up with all sorts of wild suggestions.
    Now, lessee that little part of the string down there, I think I see maybe a faint outline hmm could be I\'ll have to look a little closer.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  10. DER.....DROOL......WHATS A BOAT?!
  11. I\'m sure we\'re all over 18 (we should be) and for that reason why would it be inappropriate to post the boat (or lack thereof) picture? Daisy is dressed ! C\'mon!! I know I enjoyed it. Not a more photogenic thing on earth is there than a correctly built specimen of the female species.She certainly is no exception.---SWAN
  12. well thank you very much!

    i do have some nice tits and ass don\'t i.
  13. I SEE NO BOAT!
  14. Daisey wheres the boat? I get it!!! This is one of those news paper adds. Post a picture of the boat but she posted a picture of herself instead!!!!!!!lol
  15. i want a boat
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