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  1. Hi, Captain here with my first attempt at growing my own buds! I started with 3 Vision Seeds auto Northern lights, one of which didn't germinate and was replaced by a freebie Dinafem Critical + auto yesterday. Two NL's were planted 5 days ago but I'm hoping the few days separation in planting them won't make a huge difference despite them being autos?

    My medium is biobizz light mix soil, didn't check water pH since a grower friend told me it's not necessary when using soil as a medium but I'm open to more opinions on this. I'll give them some Bio Root Plus starting the next watering too.

    They are now on a 24/0 cycle and my lamp for the first stage is a 150 W 6400K CFL. I've got a small fan running to circulate the air and cool off directly under the bulb.

    When the time for nutrients comes I plan to use General Hydroponics' FloraGro, Micro and Bloom. Also reading up on adding molasses to cannabis plants but I'm not sure yet, also I don't want to overdo nutrients/additives and cause more harm than good (any advice on nutrients/molasses and a good schedule for autos would be appreciated).

    So anyway that's it for now, I'll update soon :love-m3j:

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  2. So my two NL's are 20 days old now and seem to be going pretty well. The critical + is still a bit small and doesn't seem to be catching up so quick. I under-watered them a bit a couple of days back but now they seem to be doing fine. Going to start up the NL's on some very diluted FloraGro and Micro with the next watering and see how that goes.. so that's all for now :smoke:

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