captain, rolls, dank, and police encounters. haha

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  1. I don't really know where to begin but I'll start with my (ex-friend) putting me in a headlock and head-butting me pretty damn hard (5-6 times).. So i managed to get free and starting walking to my car (parked like 15 ft away) and one of his friends(who happens to owe me $30) follows me and my boy to the car. I get in and start the car and my door was still open. His friend approached me and put his hand on my door so i couldn't shut it with him there and he said, "so i heard you want to fight?" and I was like no man I don't want to fight anyone.. and he takes a few steps back and sucker punches me in the top of my head, it didn't really hurt that bad because of all the adrenaline and getting head butted already... so anyway after I got hit I was just kind of like stunned for a second and then looked at him with disbelief and then he took a few more steps back and put his arm back so i put it in drive and booked it with him still like in my door...
    So I'm all pissed off and I go to my friends house and he gave me 2 rolls.... then I sniffed 1 roll(nike) and then popped one(cherries) about a hour later. Alright so I'm driving around and the rolls are starting to kick in about 30 min. after the 2nd one.. I almost ran a red light because I was distracted by all the other lights whizzing by me and shit haha. alright so now I'm chilling and I have a bottle of captain and some dank.. we go to my other friends house and take some shots and bong rips. From there, i went to pick up my friend aubrey and on the way there it started pouring down rain like extremely hard, and my sunroof doesn't shut all the way, it gets like jammed up. so Im here driving around with my 2 friends and rolling hard getting soaking wet.
    So I'm about to be at aubreys house and someone called me so i answered and was distracted from the cell phone + intoxication + extremely heavy downpour with minimal visibility... I end up taking a right on to the left side of the median in the road and my friends start freaking out and i was like oh shit you're right, so i pulled a u-turn real fast and hopped up on the curb a little and zipped out of that spot (After that I let my sober friend drive in the rain)... so he happened to jump over a median somehow... So we go and pick up my friend Aubrey, she gets in the car and we start heading to Cameron's house. We get there and take a few more bong rips and a little captain morgan... Then aubrey pulls out 1.5 grams of white girl and we got so jacked.. we take some bong rips after the white was done with and decide to go pick up more nugs.. It's 2:30 AM and I leave Cameron's house with aubrey... the nugs were maybe like 2 miles away so, I'm driving down and I passed 2 cops stopped who pulled someone over.. I'm at the stop light getting ready to get more nugs, like I could see the house where they were at,,.. and a cop pulls up behind me and puts his lights on.. I'm flipping out because I'm rolling, high, drunk, and way jacked out of my mind. Thoughts are racing through my head at like 1000 mph. I pull over, 2 squad cars are behind me, I get my wallet out and stashed my fake i.d., got my real license out and got the registration out. and 2 police officers are at both sides of my car shining their flashlights in it. First thing the cop said, "have you had anything to drink tonight?" I replied with well of course not... and he went back to his car and ran my information and came back. "Step out of the car son." I get out, and he said put both of your feet together on this line in the sidewalk and put your hands down to your side. I had to follow the tip of his pen with my eyes but not move my head. I guess I passed the first test well enough to convince them that I was ok to drive. He was like the reason i pulled you over is because your butt plate is scraping the ground. Just as he is telling me this a third cop car (undercover) pulls up behind the second cruiser.. I'm shaking hard man. I thought I heard the undercover say to the cruiser "im gonna go see what he's got" man i was sweating and my heart was pounding like 100bpm....
    How fucking dumb of a reason to get pulled over... so I told him I thought I heard a funny noise and I was going to check it out. So he calls my mom and has her come pick me up at 3:15 am, she comes and I parked my car and she gave me and aubrey back a ride to camerons... Then I took 5 fat dank bong rips because my boys felt bad about what happend haha If the cops would have searched my car, I would have been looking at maybe 8 charges, 5-6 felonies if they would have searched the car. (Possession of marijuana, cocaine(felony), klonopin, fake i.d.(felony), illegal knife(felony), DUI, Open bottle of captain morgan, and I think 2 more x pills... like damn that would have sucked.
    Now I'm back at my house at 5:40 typing this up, I have to find someone to give me a ride to my car so i can get it fixed.. and my phones dead and the charger got cut in half by my car door tonight when i was rollin.. well i just popped this klonopin and a few rips so I'm about to pass out hard :D
    Tomorrow will be better I can already tell.. haha

    OH yeah, and I don't know what part of the night the butt plate fell off, the time i took a u-turn going the wrong way on the road or when my friend jumped the median
  2. sounds like a very interesting day keep tokin man:)
  3. imagine the reaction of the cops if they read this... how unlucky they got lol. couldve made a "huge bust".
  4. I really hate that shaking shit. In your head you're like "Just chill dude, you're fucking it up" but you can't help it. This has happened to me once when i was smoking a J and a cop come up behind me. Of course i got searched and handcuffed, but they only found one beer and the roach so they didn't end up writing a report. Lucky for me, had i known that beer was there it probably would of been open.

    Good job playing it cool enough for them to not worry about you. Its always nice to have a crazy story that doens't end in you being arrested.
  5. im still shaking from last night... haha
    it was the first time i've ever been pulled over, and if we didn't fuck up the buttplate jumping curbs and medians then I wouldn't have gotten pulled :mad:
  6. whoa sounds eventful! good luck
  7. Stories like these are depressing. I might get flamed for saying this, but grow the fuck up. If you're going to choose to use hard drugs dont be a dumbshit about it. Dont fucking drive when your like 4 different things. Be fucking responsible.
  8. exactly what I was going to say...

    You were being a complete idiot... I'm pretty sure you were lying about letting your sober friend drive... you completely contradict yourself later in the story. Like OneLoveRasta said... if you think you have the mental capabilities for hard drugs (which it seems you have a long way to go...) be fuckin responsible... shit like this is what gives drugs a bad name.

    And rolling on 2 ills and drinking? Good fuckin job, have fun in the hospital soon.
  9. everyone makes mistakes guys, homeboy just had a rough night. go eassssssssy on him.....

    im sure he learned his lesson
  10. no... it sure didn't sound like he did... someone has to tell him, and obviously his friends arent going to.
  11. Yeah, I'm at a big disadvantage because I take lithium twice daily which makes me permenantly shake pretty heavily, especially in the hands / arms. Like, it's the funniest thing ever if you watch me try and eat soup. it doesn't work.

    When I get pulled over, I'm always very good at staying calm and collected, but my shaking goes out of control. It's terrible, it looks like I'm guilty as hell, but in all actuality, the real reason behind it is the lithium. I even explained this to the last few cops that pulled me over, and they just said ok, but I know it made an impression in their minds. Sucks.

  12. That alone deserves +rep. Haha.
  13. this thread makes me cheese!!! :D

    Haha to all you guys who are freaking out, if I was so impaired and "fucked up in the hospital" then the 2 cops and the undercover that came up obviously thought I was sober and okay to drive after I passed the test.. so I'm just glad I didn't get charged with anything and the fact that they didn't ask to search my car. I thought most of you guys would be glad that I got away freeeeee :smoking:

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