Captain Murphy-Duality

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  1. jammed to this whole tape last night while baked
    fucking amazing im a huge flylo fan and hearing him rap for the first
    time was pretty dope i suggest any flylo,quasimoto and shabazz fans to check this out asap dont sleep on it!

    [ame=]Captain Murphy - The Killing Joke - YouTube[/ame]
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    wheres the tape available

    nvm. <3 the sinernet. I guess Im late on this one by a few weeks
  3. Sick tape. Watching the video Flylo made with it is much better than just listening to the tape by itself. I can't even listen to the tape by itself anymore.

    Full video is on CAPTAIN MURPHY - DUΔLITY (NSFW)
  4. Agreed ^ The video with the tape aswell is arguablly one of the best art pieces this year.

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