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    Hello GC. I have just got my MMJ card so i am getting ready to start my 1st legal grow. (pic 3 is the only pic i can find of my old grow)

    i made a room in my garage. I made the room out of this white 3inch thick foam with black plastic all around for light leaks. The room is 8x6 and about 9 feet tall. It has a 20000 btu ac unit. also has a wood frame.

    3 400 watt mh (have hps blubs for mh also)
    2 400 watt hps
    7XX cfm scrubber
    a few of my buddys plants that i brought back from the dead.

    for soil i use super soil with 1/3 perlite
    for nutes i have grow big, big bloom, tiger bloom, cha-ching, azamax and sweet(raw)

    strains will be: LSD, Cali hash plant, Blue widow, fruit auto, moby dick, white siberain, afgan kush ryder, newyork 47, northern lights x big bud. all fem

    Will start growing when seeds get here and temps have been 73-78 with all lights running

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  2. Excess heat won't stand a chance with that 20000 BTU AC!

    Will be watching for sure.
  3. yea i didn't want to get 2 small of a a/c because it will be 130F outside my room.
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    Your garage gets that hot or is it because of all those ballasts? Or both? lol
  5. all ballasts are in the room. yep its 90 at night and about 100-120 during the day OUTSIDE so it gets pretty hot in there.
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    That is tough to work with. Seems like you got it under control though.

    Hope those seeds arrive soon bud.
  7. Yea i hope they get here soon 2. also i do have it under control i have grown in this room quite a few times during the summer.
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    Seed are here!!!! time to get started.

    I choose to go with the afgan kush ryder and the fruit auto so I have some smoke before I run out of last harvest (pic 2 & 3). Then the rest will all be LSD(pic 1).


    I have germed 15 lsd and 1 afgan kush and 1 fruit auto. I also germed a blue widow that i will be using for my BoG (BOX OF GREEN) micro grow. I will load up a link for that once i get it going.

    Any advice would be more than welcome.

    EDIT:I know the pic of that bud sucks but so does my phone

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  9. That is a nice harvest! Have you grown LSD before?
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    I live in the same type of climate as you... summer temps are average 110-115 during the day and it makes my garage scorchin! When you harvest this grow it would be good to invest in a mini-split AC system which is a ductless system so you can vent the hot air directly outside from your room while keeping your room sealed. Also the temps outside won't affect the cooling of this AC where as if your pulling hot air into a regular AC to cool it then your losing 1/2 your cooling power off the top.
  11. captain morgan wassup homie i will be tuned in to see how this grow goes for you! Good luck :bongin:

  12. well i used to have the ac in the room so it was sucking up cold air but it was 6F cooler with it outside of the room running inward. also moving to a bigger house (got another kid on the way.) so it will be in a bedroom.

    And the ac unit has a duct for the exhast so it blows all the heat into another room.
  13. Thanks for stoping by.
  14. Today i planted 7 LSD seeds that were germed. I planted them into filled 5 gallon buckets. In the buckets was a mix of 2/3 super soil and 1/3 perlite. My buddy came and got his plants out of my grow room. SO ITS GOOD TO GROW!!!! (pics 1 & 2)


    On another note i picked up a bottle of Superthrive. It was on sale for 5 bucks a bottle. I have never used it before so ill see how she works but cant go wrong for 5 dollars and some change. It says on the bottle that it take alot to kill a plant and it is ok on seedlings.(pic 3)


    would love to hear some feedback. Also has anyone ever used superthrive if so how does it work? is it worth it?


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  15. Yesss it begins. I'm curious about superthrive as well. It's just b-vitamins if I'm not mistaken so it would be very hard for it to do damage.

    Have you ever had problems starting seeds in 5 gallon pots?
  16. will love to see once they start

  17. No never but what problems could occur by starting in 5 gallon pots?

  18. I know. i cant wait till they pop up.
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    I started a few seeds in large pots and they basically drowned. Could be because I flushed FFOF and didn't let it dry out a bit before I planted. I was trying to avoid transplanting.

    Can't wait to see this LSD. I'm interested in that strain so this will be a nice intro.

  20. thats why i do it i dont want to transplant. i just use a spraybottle and keep the top layer moist without soaking the pot.

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