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  1. just a thought:

    im perscribed .5mg kpins. it takes me about 5 or 6 to get goin. now if i were to crush themup and put them in capsules, do u think theyll hit me faster or harder? i wasnt sure if capsules meant time release or not

    hmmmm just a thought
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    Try sublingual (dissolve under tongue).

    it becomes both a drug and a breath mint :D
  3. I get .5 mg xanex and It takes me 4 or 5 to get going also. If it has a time release on it you can just lick it off, otherwise, try parachuting them. That is prolly ur best bet.
  4. Deffinetly go under the tounge ive been taking kpins alot lately and every time i do it i let it dissolve under my tounge
  5. does it hit u faster/harder?
  6. well it goes directly into your blood stream.... faster yes.... harder in terms of that you feel the amount quicker... .5 is still .5
  7. crush it up and under the tounge or let a whole one disolve under the tounge?
  8. let the whole dissolve kpins taste don't taste bad at least the ones I've had. taste a lot better than xanax thats for sure
  9. ahh k thx. last night i tried crushing it up and putting it under... that lasted 30 seconds. before i knew it my mouth was filled with sweet yellow powder. i had to grab a water at that point.

    atleast since it was crushed it still hit my fairly quick (in comparison to normal)
  10. is it just me, or do I feel pills instantly? (nearly)

    I guess I like for pills to last longer, than to hit 'harder', if its a timerelease pill I can understand snorting/dissovling/parashooting

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