capitalism is natural!! go ahead and prove me wrong!

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  1. I do not believe the title of this post... (100%)

    One reason i have come to love history is that it opens our eyes to the structure of present day life. Fuck all the bullshit your grade school history teacher feed you: " studying the past will prevent us from making the same mistakes". yea, whens the last time you were thinking about taxing the shit out of your colony but then remembered the good old american civil war and came up with a better plan? History's main contribution to present day is capitalism. We arnt moving forward and learning from our mistakes, we are finding better ways to keep the masses subservient and content enough not to take what is obviously in their grasp all the while taking.

    The Haitian revolution; as i argued in the paper i just wrote, is the perfect revolution. It is transparent from all levels. The agendas are neither hidden nor are they denied. The Haitian's or more specifically the gens de couleur or free people of color didnt hide their intent behind a fake "freedom for all equality for all" slogan. The only thing that mattered to these people was money. It is the PERFECT example of what happens to people when you introduce both capitalism and enlightenment thinking (everyone is the same and therefore should have no more and no less then anyone) chaos.

    below is an excerp from the paper. which isnt essential to the discussion but i did write it..


    comments, ideas, discrepancies?
  2. This belongs in the politics section... but,

    What system would you rather have, then? I've said it once and I'll say it again: capitalism isn't faulty, it's the people that make it faulty. I'm a staunch proponent of capitalism because it's really the only fair way (in theory) to run a government. It's natural selection at its best; the strong survive and the weak die off. I'd rather live my life in a country full of corruption and have my social status reflect what good I've done in my life than have the government give handouts to those that don't deserve them (kind of like it is now :rolleyes:). At least we're not completely socialist. Fuck that.
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    In no way am in favor of socialism. im a greedy mother fucker. That said, i dont pretend to believe that I have a shot to make it big. Its a fact. The idea that if you work hard enough you too can be a living large is a myth. 88% (or something like that) are born into their income bracket. Of the 12% most dont make it very far and of those that make it out im willing to bet the % that make it big << 1. The capitalist system in place is a mirage. Were told to work hard, not to steal, and to enjoy all the rewards that capitalism has to offer... like.... uhhh leisure, nope that was taken hostage $11 to see a movie make that 30 if you want popcorn and a drink, but dont watch it online because thats wrong. They say dont steal because its wrong, but they police rich neighborhoods heavier almost forcing poor on poor crime. maybe they should spend some of this new anti internet pirate budget in an area that actually needs in.. like the ghetto. I dont know what system id prefer but its not the one im living in now, it quite literally does more to harm me then protect me. thats for damn sure. and yes i know were all thinking the same thing... Terrorist: the reason we cant be on our own...
  4. I understand where you're coming from, but how are we supposed to help people get out of their income bracket? We can't, unless we go socialist. It's just a fact of life; your parents social status determines your social status. I believe it is possible for anyone to become a millionaire in America, though it may be harder for some. I love our system of government, but not the government itself.
  5. What in the hell are you talking about? You're leisure has been taken hostage because popcorn is too expensive? Hahah. Do you even think before you type this crap? Capitalism is not a "mirage", especially not here in the states where the standard of living is absolutely through the roof. You get good grades, you go to college, and you do you're best to find a job in this shitty economy (which will eventually get better because that's just how it works). The harder you work, the better college you can go to, and the better job you can get. Where's the mirage? You say you don't like the system, but you provide no alternative solutions. What's your point? From what I can tell you want some type of socialist/communist equality of wealth type thing. Well, you also talk about learning from history. History will tell you that that type of system doesn't work.
  6. so confrontational...:smoke:

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