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  1. Hey guys. So basically I want to make some sort of cap for the bowl on my little sherlock, so I can pack a bowl and then carry it with me without it spilling. Any ideas? Anyone else made anything like this?
  2. I have no idea what to use but look into Monkey Pipes, they're made so you can carry a bowl with you some even have bigger stash spots that's fit like a half gram of ground flower
  3. i used to have the same problem. my solution was to pack the bowl than cover it with saran wrap, worked perfect for me. good luck

  4. thanks, I'm more looking for something to let me use my own sherlock though.

    that's not a bad idea, I'll have to try it out. thanks!
  5. if its dank bud then just grind it up and pack it in there tight.. should be sticky enough to keep itself in the bowl
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    I used to have the same issue, my solution was to take a penny or dime and cover the bowl with it and stick a little piece of electrical or masking tape across it. Ghetto as hell but sometimes you want a loaded bowl ready for you on the go.

    edit: or just carry some ground up bud in a little vile or pill case or something you can easily pour the weed in the bowl without needing a tray, that's what I do these days.
  7. Water will still leak out carb and regardless the bowl will still get wet but just no bud would fall out lol, if ur wanting it so u can carry it with water? But if u just wanna packed bowl ready Thats kinda lazy,stoner, Hah

    Edit: just saw Sherlock BOWL not BUBBLER lol

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