cap ebb and gro VS aeroponic system????

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Richayy, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. hey everyone, i recently purchased a 12 site ebb and gro system and after finally getting it set up and troubleshooting the faulty float switch, im starting to lean towards packing everything up and just sending it back and going with a homemade aeroponics system. i think overall the aeroponics would be easier to maintain, generate healthier bigger plants and buds, and bottomline dirt cheap compared to buying hydroton every 2 months and going through rediculous problems with the cap system itself. any thoughts on scratching what ive already got? i bought stg deluge inserts for the buckets and 1.5 in cubes for my tray and dome starting setup but i think the low cost of the things needed and overall ease of setting a aeropoinic system up would make me foolish not to do so. i was also just going to push the tray and dome aside and get (or make) a ez cloner bucket that uses aeroponics as well. (due to the fact that im using a t5 2ft by 2 tubes to start my girls. would the ez cloner be ok to start sprouted seedlings? sorry i know im all over the place but im really just trying to get my shit straightened out. this is my first time trying to grow indoors. any help is appreciated! thanks again!
  2. I too bought the ebb and gro from cap. i have had some problems with it. i am 12 days from harvest with 11 3 ft bushes. a few tips about the ebb system, its alot of work but take the inner pots out and clean everything when u make new nutes, and i mean everything tubing pumps controller buckets reservoir. A 3/8 or 1/2 inch line brush makes cleaning tubing much easier(got my line brush at a homebrewing store).Hydroton can be cleaned and sanitized to be reused,just get all the roots out.keep your tubing from getting kinked (a pain in the ass).I to am considering scraping the ebb ad gro for an aeroponics. To me the ebb and gro is better if you have limited resources for clones. for an aero setup you have to grow more plants too get the same amount, but i think u might get more weight per watt of light. I have my heart set on a vertical garden, mabey 2 since i have two 1k hps lights so 1 per setup.I also thimk u will increase your crops per year so, I guess it comes down to availability of clones, and level of risk u want to take more plants= more prison, unless you have a cultivaters license( available in California, usually for people in major pain who prefer to eat their meds).Same with the trays more smaller plant vs. less large plants.

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