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  1. so..........right now i have a dollar in my wallet. i also have 75cents somewhere...
    i dropped out of high school cuz i ran away from home to binge drink with friends.
    this was 2 years ago......i got hooked on dxm aswell...then a year after that i went to jobcorps. i got my GED from there and was gonna be a plumber, but i got hooked to DXM again, i was ripping off delsyms and would give them to kids at jobcorp, to get them hooked as well....i did alot of damage to property and what they describe as "Eradtic Behavoiur"
    i was exposed to coke and crack by some mexican gangbang friends, and eveuntually i was kicked out. they compensated me with 500$ and some tools, but i spent 500$ here and there to get fucked up. im thinking about pwning the tools cuz i realized hey ill never be a plumber that dream died along time ago.......ive never had a job or any work exp.
    no car, cant get drivers license the only time i ever attempt to drive a car i was trippen and i almost crashed. after 5 months straight trippen i realized in all i probability i would never get a job, a car, stuff. i have one friend left but are friendship is entirley based on using eachother to get more drugs, we are both poor so we steal from other people to get high most the time. recently ive said "fuck off " to homie so now i hang bymyself in my stepdad room, well it my room now i kinda took over.

    so............i need to find out how to get jobs so i can support my habits .(MJ,Cig,Alc,Dxm,)
    I NEED MONEY!$!?!? i havent had delsymin 5 days. its been weeks scince coricidin, and im almost out of
  2. go back to school?
  3. your fucked
  4. cant... i got a ged...^HES right..and
    i am not addict
  5. ive never heard of anyone addicted to dxm....i feel pity. prostitution?
  6. umm... dude..

    maybe you should try to get off the drugs....

    why are you trying to get other people hooked on the shit if its causing you so many problems?
  7. Fast food is ALWAYS hiring, go there, might not like it but Im sure youll like it more then living in a cardboard box and becoming a crack head.

    I recently said fuck you to my close friends as well...not wroth the small shit. Hope things get better for ya man.
  8. And the award for the most retarted kid ever.... You win!!!!
    Get a fuckin job lazy ass.... If u wanted to help urself others would prolly want to help u. Get a clue dude.
    Ur living in ur stepdads room? Wtf
    stealing from other ppl to get money for ur "habit" .... Weed cigs alc and dxm??? Dude.. Ur a fuckin tool...
    Ps. The only way ur gonna survive is either by doin so much dope they put u in a institution for loosing ur mind or u get a sugar mama... And it dont look like its gonna be the latter....
    Wake up!
    Good luck with life....
  9. I'd focus on getting a job to get on your feet.

    Not getting a job to get fucked up.

    I'm no saint, by any means. In no position to judge... which is not what I'm doing.

    But for fucksakes man, get a grip on yourself....

    You need some foundation in your life. A foundation that can never be found in drugs.
  10. craigslist it. work anywhere. get a job at a fastfood restaurant. you really can't be picky since you fucked up your life sorta. get back on your feet and no one is gonna help you except you. i have no pity for you since you're so pessismistic about yourself.
  11. cuz at the time.. ithought it was a good idea to "spread the infection"

    it worked though....half the campus tripped balls, and delsym was pulled from walgreens shelves within the week,,,
  12. i hope you're not proud of yourself. you just fucked up other people's lives.
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    i have a sugar momma......she works at popeyes chicken....

    But im getting kicked out now i have to live with my mom and sis in another part of the country
    so the realization of losing her, losing ......kinda.....meh.........*pops 16 coricidins*

    what can you do, eh? im gonna grow weed so i can smoke it and pretend getting high>=being happy

    but really folks,..... u shoulda seen me TWO years ago, i was one motivated motherfucker..
  14. I for one cant take this guy seriously
  15. So you admit you're where you are because of drugs and you're asking us for advice to make more money so you can buy more drugs? You might be able to get your life on track if you dropped everything but a very infrequent marijauna habit. I would do it quick though, you're utterly fucked once your step-dad kicks you out.
  16. i for one dont care. i m just telling someone my situation, cuz i have no one to talk to..
    sometimes i think im desperate for human contact........even if it means getting reactions liek this..
  17. I hope this is fake, but if it isnt, you need to stop with the drugs and alcohol. You say you arent addicted, so it should be easy to stop. Get a job. Anywhere.
  18. lol first troll i seen here.

    OP fails at life.
  19. then be that motivated mf'er again. its still you. stop with the fucking dxm and 3c's and all that bullshit. f you want your life to get better than stop doing the things that fucked it up!!!!!!

    thats like those people who activly chase/spread hiv. Bug catchers and shit..... dumb as shit
  20. not fake, but ido relize im being troll.
    i just blazed. when i blaze i think about all the shit that was going in my head.
    i guess im intimidated by thoughts sometime.
    before i smoked weed, i never really thought about shit. i didnt want to be one of those people who regreted weed. dxm and alcohol was like part two of drugs changing my mind.
    sometimes i think liek "damn i hope im not liek crazy or something" fuck i smell liek weed.
    i hate it when i smell like weed. everyone know i smell weed.i make people in a bad mood.cuz they know i smoked weed.i feel like im guilty when im around people. thats why im a quiet person who mostly keeps to himself.i look down when i walk.i have a problem with making eye contact with anyone.i cant stand talking. the concept of communication and intelligence just sickens me.i hate people. ihate their ideals,beliefs,opinions,observations,feelings. i see the world as nothing but a bunch of stupid animals walking around. i scowl at evolution for giving living organisms the ability to change adapt to their enviroment. i oversimplify everything and blame everything on evolution.
    i think so much i get headaches that i have to take aspirin all day, contributing more to my already ruined stomach and liver.i know that if i live with my mother i would become an alcoholic, just because it would be so easy to obtain. i wish my mind had a "reset" button.
    im really high right now but ill come down in less than an hour and just be back the way i was. im going to delete this topic now.
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