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Can't we all just get along?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nichevo, May 12, 2011.

  1. #1 Nichevo, May 12, 2011
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    Hey everyone, I'm posting this to tell all of you about what I saw today that made me a bit upset.

    There is this spot right outside the dorms where everyone goes to smoke. I was walking to my car when I saw a group of people there smoking. I only recognized one of them; he was someone who occasionally said 'hi' to me once in a while and was what people consider a "Juggalo". He didn't really advertise it much, other than the occasional shirt with the logo on it. He was smoking a joint and there were about 4 or 5 other guys there with him (the other guys looked like douches) and they were laughing at him and yelling "can't hold the smoke?" and calling him a "Juggalo faggot". He was ignoring them, smoking his joint when one of the douches asked if he could take a hit. The Juggalo said something but I couldn't hear it and then the douche said "I'm not saying sorry if that's what you want" and took the joint. Then the douches walked off and got in their car and drove off.

    This made me pretty upset; out of any kind of person, I would think stoners or someone who smokes weed at all would be the person to accept someone no matter what kind of music they like, as long as they are nice/good people to be around.

    I walked up the Juggalo and told him I had a bong in my car (I usually don't like having anything weed related in my car, in case I get pulled over, but the year is about to end and I'm starting to move out of my dorm). He said he had an eight but I said "don't worry about it" and told him it's on me. We went over to my car, got in, got out my bong and smoked a few bowls. He was telling me he always gets shit from those same people for liking the music he likes. I told him that's shitty and fellow tokers should respect each other. He was actually a pretty nice guy the more we talked. After a little while he said he was ready to head back to his dorm, thanked me a bunch for the weed, wanted to pay me back half of what we smoked (I told him not to worry about it) and that was that.

    Overall, I feel good about what I did. :smoke: Sorry if this is long for anyone, I just got back and I want to type this all down before I forget some details, as I am still a bit high.

    EDIT: Sorry for the cliche sounding title, haha I just noticed how cheesy it sounds :smoke:
  2. I would've done the same thing. That was nice of you. I always feel bad for the people who get picked on even though they're great. I guess some people are just assholes.

  3. Yeah, the guy was nicer than I thought he was going to be. He thanked me at least 10 times and wanted to pay me back at least half of the amount we smoked. :smoke:
  4. Do you by chance live in Rochester, New York, and attend RIT? I think I saw that kid walking over to the dorms today.
  5. Wtf is a "juggalo"?

    I guess you did do a good thing, he's old enough to know who to hang around so I wouldn't of payed it any attention...some ppl are idiots
  6. Haha, you can tell right away they smoke weed to be "cool". If your friend does acid or shrooms, tell him to tell the queers that it's on him, and they'll feel like shit cuz they can't hang. Or I could be wrong and you end up wasting money. :p
  7. Awesome. I'd of done the exact same. How much did you guys burn btw?
  8. The stoner force is strong in this one, young jedis. We must embrace him. :bongin:
  9. Right on man, +rep. I'm so tired of all the douche bags out there, causing shit for no reason whatsoever...

    Everyone should try to embrace this type of kindness whenever they can.

  10. Hey thanks man! Right back at you +rep! :smoke:
  11. Why the hell would anyone hate on someone elses music? That's just stupid. Personally I don't like Icp, but i'm not gonna fuck with someone else because they do...

  12. Same here; I mainly like 60's or 70's but just because I see someone wearing an Eminem shirt doesn't justify bashing on them

  13. I'm not exactly sure at the moment, I'll have to check what I have left. I had an 8th on me (I never bring my whole stash)
  14. That's a juggalo for ya. Look like a bunch of clowns but most of them are nice people. You did a good deed OP. Be proud.

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