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Cant Wait To Get Off Work And Burn

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jpayso, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Off in 2 hrs , have an 8er of some platinum cookies . Can't wait to get high . Who's with me ?
  2. 3 hours to go for work. Probably won't be pulling out the solo until ~10 tonight when the 4 year old is asleep, forgot to bring my stash this morning for the hour long drive.

    Just finished up a 2 week t-break to change up jobs (drug test yesterday)

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  3. Time is going by way too slow right now. I got 3 more hours left and were slow as shit at work. I needa get high lol fugh only got one last nug of my sour diesel too. Screw it ima bong that up and recop later. Fuck work!!!!!
  4. Im working at the family office and I still have 3 hours before I can wind down and smoke a bowl.. Just grabbed a new dank strain my buddy grew!

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  5. 1 more hr to go . Time is flying by . Plus today is my Friday !!! Fuck yeah !!!
  6. Just got off a 14 shift about 2 hours ago. I feel like death and have to be back at 9am. I have been waiting all day for this, time to kick back relax with the mflb and and get some rest.
  7. whats the address ?ill head over NOW. fuk work

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