can't wait till monday

Discussion in 'General' started by Luvdabuddah, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. my dad called last night...i am pickin him up @ the airport monday :D he will be bringin some ganj from Wa. state :p ...he always grows da best and...he was tellin me bout some hash last time he was here said he's gunna bring that fo me 2!!! will be my first try on the hash and ima can't wait !!! been waitin for it in the mail since november lmao!! guess he decided to HAND deliver it to me wooooohooooo!!!
    toke on!!!:smoking:
  2. nice.... hope your friend doesn't get caught,,, or is he driving?
  3. lol^^^naw
    i was going to point out the words..."i am pickin him up @ the airport monday" also
    man thats awful risky
  4. lmao! last time he came home back in november...he had 6 fatties rolled in his front shirt pocket and he flew home so im thinkin he isnt toooo worried bout it!!:p also he is 62 years old so im sure after all these flights (7 hours in the air) he knows the risk and either he don't care or figures wtf :D lol toke on :smoke:
  5. ok so i waited till monday..last monday went to airport picked my Dad up...he had no luggage :confused: so i was wonderin wtf he had the "stash" he was bringin...lmao when we got in the car he pulled 5 "J's" out of his front shirt pocket then a big fat OZ outta his pants pocket!!! damn I LOVE MY DAD!!!!! lol here's a pick of some he brought this is almost a half oz and the lil nug by the bottom of my lighter is about 2.3 grams of the hash i got left he brought me too!!!! i wanna move back with him lol :p
    toke on :smoke:

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  6. sorry pic is so blurry dont have a cam thats off my scanner lol!!
    toke on :smoking:
  7. wow nice, 6 j's and an O on the plane in the pants.... your old man has some guts! :D

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