Can't wait for the dubstep phase to be over

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  1. That's exactly what it is; a phase. People will get sick of listening to "music" that all sounds IDENTICAL.
    [ame=]Dubstep Xpertz - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Word. Although, "phases" or "fads" seem to attract enough followers to become entire genres/subcultures now-a-days.

  3. The sad truth.
  4. When did it even begin? I think I was too busy being a high, lil raver to even notice. All I know I see it everywhere and I'm like "'s electronica. I don't get it." but whatevs, I like electronic music so I don't really care what it is called as long as I can dance to it.
  5. Saying that all dubstep is identical is like saying all rap is identical, all hip hop is identical, all rock is identical, all metal is identical, etc. Ok, so you don't like dubstep. You have your own taste in music fine, no need to start an entire thread to cry about it and state things that aren't true.
  6. People who listen to dubstep when sober completely baffle me.

    But when im fucked, ill be honest, i fuckin love it.

    That said, i would rather go to a dance/drum n bass gig where there was some dubstep integrated, than a gig that is completely dubstep.

    I agree that it shouldnt be classed as a genre, but its always gunna be afraid your going to have to prepare for more mainstream chart music using it in the near future...
  7. Though, I can remember back when music that people call "dubstep" now was called chill-out beats and would only play in the back rooms (mainly so the tweakers could calm down by focusing on a simple beat)........... perhaps that's the origin?

    Dubstep is just another genre name given to Electronica music that is born in the clubs/underground scene. I think the people that ascribe themselves to dubstep like those in the video are a bit.... narrow-minded. Also, people slap dubstep labels on a bunch of songs that would be called totally different things just 3 years ago. But since the hipsters have gotten a hold of it, it's going to be treated like its a brand-new thing that is better than anything else ever, because that's what they like to do.

  8. Eh I can listen to dubstep sober. I can listen to almost anything whether I'm sober or high or tripping or rolling which includes rap (some mainstream, mostly underground), all kinds of rock, indie, all kinds of electronic music, etc. Only thing I really can't stand is country.

    I agree, listening to only dubstep for a whole show gets tiresome. Dubstep artists usually include DnB at their shows too though. Bassnectar does that all the time, and so does Caspa and Rusko.

  9. The guys in the video were taking the piss out of dubstep, they werent serious.

    If you realy want to judge dubstep though, id say look at its roots.

    DUB is a completely different genre, one artist you should look up, not even to do with this thread just because he is fucking amazing is BURIAL. Now that is chill out.
  10. Most mainstream rap, hip hop, metal, and rock DO sound identical. I enjoy classical music, folk, and indie mostly, with some rap in there too.
  11. Dubstep has awesome beats.

    Unfortunately it's all computer reanimated and reused by every artist with different beeps.

    It's talented rhythmically, but since it's computer synthesized it doesn't hold much ground.

    I like Bassnectar because he is a libertarian and dubstep sounds really cool (as long as you ignore the fact that it's easy as fuck to produce).
  12. I have to admit, I'm sick of seeing it everywhere. Even this forum seems to come in two flavors, rap and dubstep, and that's about it. I like it well enough when I'm listening to it, but as soon as the cut is over I've forgotten what I'd heard. To put it bluntly :)smoke:), the dubstep I've heard seems to be more focused on sound effects and samples than making an actual song out if it.
  13. I dislike dubstep, I will listen to hardstyle techno(fast pace) and get into it and dance, but they say dubstep is for chilling to, but i feel as its the mainstream rap, but for the techno genre.
  14. Dubstep =/=Techno

    I don't really care how mainstream it gets, i'll still enjoy it. I've always been an electronica junkie. Some of the fans are annoying but it won't stop be from enjoying the sound.

    "Yo man, I heard you like Dubstep"
    "Yeah, Deadmau5 is awesome."
  15. [ame=]Liquid Stranger - Bombaclaad Star - YouTube[/ame]

    stop being a narrow-minded nobot
  16. yo, OP, what kind of music do you like?

  17. *washes hands of this thread*

  18. I'm handing you a flame-shield. You're gonna need it. :wave:

  19. Already said it on the first page.

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