Can't upload a costom avatar

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Bleezie_King, May 2, 2006.

  1. WTF is the problem? I see bunches of costoms on the site, even animated, but I can't upload my own shit off the internet, or from the comp. Why will it do it for everyone but me? Is mine fucked up or something? Please help!
  2. you upset the GC gods

  3. what the fuck does that supposed to mean?
  4. smoke a bowl, scarface
  5. Can someone who knows what their talking about and can actually post please help? +rep if ya help and i benefit from it.
  6. well, mine is animated but the first one i tried didnt work either. it was hosted while the one that worked i had to get it from my computer. if that helps at all, i did my job *clears*
  7. When it comes to problems with the City, then you need to post the thread in General Feedback instead of, I moved it.

    What kind of errors are you getting?
  8. i cant upload a animated gif as well even though my old one was animated. so just make it one picture

  9. I try to hot link, but won't let me. Try to drag then upload, but won't let me. Some weird shit, I think.
  10. Save the picture to your computer. See if that works. Otherwise, It might be the wrong dimensions or file size. The limits are 75x75/12 KB.

  11. They're less.

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