Can't Touch This! (Ballast question)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by skeeter, May 2, 2003.

  1. Hey all,

    I looked through old posts (using search) to no avail, so here's my Q:

    Is it normal for the ballast of an HPS light to get so hot that I can't hold my fingers on it? I have an older (1993) PL systems 400 watt HPS lamp. I got it from an estate, so it is new to me. The ballast has the light socket attached directly to the front (i.e. no remote bulb on a cord).

    I understand the buld will get hot, but should the ballast get this hot? I had to put on gloves to move the ballast. It does have a sticker on it that says not to mount it on a combustable surface, so I have it sitting on some 4" wide lead cylinders instead of sitting on the plywood shelves.

    So how hot does YOUR ballast get?

  2. Yes it will get hot, very hot. Keep it in area where it can ventilate and the heat will dissipate. Don't enclose it and don't put anything on it.
  3. mine heats up pretty good to but i can touch it it dosen't get to hot but hot enough
  4. The signs of a failing ballast are......

    No lights
    Excessive humm or buzzing
    Black "tar" dripping out
    Excessive heat

    As far as the heat thing yes a "good" ballast on any HID system should be a little to warm to touch for very long. Flouro ballast's should be less warm to the touch.

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