Can't tell what's wrong.

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  1. Allright, so I planted my seed a week ago, and as days went by, everything seemed to be ok, but yesterday I noticed that something is not quite right. Today when I looked at my plant, it looked like this:


    I know that something is not quite right, but I just can't tell what exactly. Could someone please help me out? :(
  2. let it grow some more and see whats up.
  3. is that a flower? I think you might have an auto-flower. Just a guess.
  4. are the leaves 'canoeing'? folding, warping, bending, what have you. looks like they are a bit.
  5. No, it's not. That's just young leaves, and they don't look pretty good. :/

    Yeah, they are, and that's what I'm worried about. Also the way they look, and the shape itself. :/
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    it may be heat stress. how hot is it around sprout?
  7. Well, yeah, it actually may then, because it's pretty hot in there. I just didn't think something like that would happen because of this. Anyway, going to do smthn about it soon. :)

    Also, is it possible that there are some problems with nutrients at this young age? Because it really looks like it could have some. :/
  8. only if you are using nutes or if the soil is too strong.

    heat doesnt matter unless its 90+ but generally heat stress, from what i know, would come from if the bulbs are too close to the plant. happened to mine. i would just keep it up around 6 inches away.
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    if you're using soil with nutes in it, like FFOF does, that may be burning them a little.
  10. Is there any way to fix this without changing the soil?
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    you can try flushing it with a lot, and I mean A LOT of water. idk if it's okay to do with a little seedling, but I don't see another choice, or how that could hurt it.

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