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Can't tell the difference in strains!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sway23, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. So, lately, I've been smoking some White Widow, Satori, Arjan's Haze #3, and some other random strains. Supposedly, certain ones are supposed to be euphoric, others are supposed to be a couch-lock type high, etc... however, I can hardly notice a difference between any of the strains. They all seem to produce the same sort of effect on me... very chilled out/relaxed, forgetful, munchies, sometimes the giggles.

    So, I'm wondering, are the different effects of different strains pretty subtle, or is it supposed to be very noticeable? :smoking:
  2. The strains you described are all sativa. There is a noticible difference between the effects that sativa and indica produce. But it's not like they don't both give you muchies.

    You probably have not stumbled upon indica that often depending on your area. I know that in my area, all that is available to me is mids and kb, which are all sativas.
  3. White Widow is an Indica...
  4. Then I am wrong.

    And when i'm wrong, i admit im wrong. lol
  5. Yeah, I was pretty sure that WW is indica-dominant while Satori and Arjan's Haze more sativa-dominant... which was why I was surprised I didn't notice much difference. I've always read that sativas were supposed to make you energetic and want to do stuff. I've never wanted to do anything when I've smoked up! :smoking:
  6. Mix them all together and see if that helps :D
  7. i think it depends on the person
  8. They might not be legit, your dealer could just be putting a name tag on some buds. Or, you just haven't been smoking long enough to tell a difference.
  9. Considering you're posting this in the Apprentice Section (not to say I'm an elitist or anything) I'd have to guess that you're just getting the same or similar strains every time and being told its different.

    There's a big difference between strains. Some put you to sleep and all you can do is just lay back and relax. Others are almost completely cerebral and just place your mind and senses on a new level completely.

    If you don't think there's a difference between strains, smoke some horrible schwag I'll assure you that you'll understand what a horrible high it is compared to kb or fire.

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