Can't tell if room mate or moderators are changing my signature

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Mrd00d, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. My signature was a link to a band's fan website with bio, lyrics, and songs and a quote. The first time it was deleted, I was sure it was my room mate bein an ass. He was waging warfare against my facebook and all of my other websites so I figured he was the culprit. Just now I noticed it's gone again but I've been logging out more often so I'm not sure now.

    Is there a mod removing the link to the local band Nuclear Rabbit's fan page?


    Is my room mate doing it when I drop my guard?

    If the former, am I not allowed to link to band fan sites in my sig?

    If the latter, my bad, but I'm waiting for a response before I re-add it to my sig for the third time...
  2. Log out when you aren't using it and don't have it remember your password. If it's your roomate messing around then problem solved.
  3. Ok, thanks. Will comply.

    But seems kind of strict. I'm not trying to advertise the website so much as share the songs on there. I don't even think the guy who runs that site has ads. So, thanks for the answer.
  4. Does that mean no Facebook/Twitter/Pandora/ links in sigs as well? What's considered advertisement at this point? Everything not on GC?
  5. i was under the impression that as long as you weren't linking to anything LIKE gc then it was okay? i mean obviously if you're linking to another online headshop or weed forum... come on now but i had a link to my in my signature for a long time and never got any heat for it :confused_2:

    maybe a green giant could clarify this for us?
  6. I would assume that would apply to the last fm link thing or whatever it is

    edit: totally missed doin's post :p
  7. Thing is I'm referencing linking to a fan site I discovered "". I had it in my sig so people could hear NR songs and read lyrics along with them since there aren''t hardly any songs of theirs on youtube or elsewhere, and are seemingly splitting up.

    That rule posted states if I have MY own website to link to it in a sig would be advertising.... I don't own or run any websites. Just trying to share this particular link for it's contents I highly recommend. Since it's not MY website, can I put the link back in my sig?


  8. I think it should be fine... I think... Maybe... :confused_2:
    Hey, just because I'm a super mod doesn't mean I don't still get confused sometimes. :p

    That's something that RMJL would be better off clarifying for you. I'll ask her about it if she doesn't hit up this thread soon.

    However, how many times did your sig suddenly disappear? :confused:
    We don't generally just remove sigs without giving a sig warning or something. Possibly an advertising warning if the sig was removed for advertising.

    I wouldn't say it's impossible that a mod removed your sig and forgot to give you a warning for it or something, but it's unlikely that it would have happened more than once.
  9. :wave:.....U dint use the Yoda curve with your theory:p...

    I believe it twas me:D....yep....To a rock bands site er sumthing...
    I just figured they were pluggin the band...

    Why would you say you can find me here???
    Other then trying to get hits on that site I dont see the point...

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