Cant tell if ready for harvest.. help?

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  1. DWC - C99 Strain.
    69 days into flower (from 12/12 flip)
    I feel like its been flowering for too long, the leaves are getting really ugly and screaming "harvest!" but some of the pistols are still white/green and I still have a lot of clear tricomes, then again, some parts of the plant are 80% amber while some other parts are 5% amber. 

  2. looks like it has been matured/ready for a little while,
    how are the lower buds on the cola?
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    Thanks for the reply, ive been wanting to harvest for a week, but just feels like the tricomes arent ready, yet everything else is pointing to harvest. 
    The lowers on the cola are 60% milky 40% clear
    considering it's a sativa, i'd say they're in the upper 90%
    done, just keep an eye out on the lower colas, consider flushing
    soon if you already haven't.
    Been using PH'd RO water the past week and half.
    So whatcha think? wait just a little longer?
    ya, just keep an eye on them.. a week can go a long way
    for maturity.
  7. Nice looking buds I love the color in the last 2 pics

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